First off,random drug test suck.I should know.I have done two of them in the past three months.

2nd-Those people should have known about the health risks you would (and did) recieve.

And C: I WOULD go all the way and slap them in the face with a lawsuit.

Oh and make sure you get a copy of their protocol on how they are suppose to run things.I am sure your lawyer will do that though.


I hope you get everything and more. The fact is that if it is a drug test and its connected to you wouldn’t they get what ever is connected to you in their results??
Good Luck and thanks for sharing your story!!!



Yeaaaaaaaaaa!!! I’m glad you have relatives to go to bat for you. Sock it to them!! Kick their AS**S! I hope you throw into the action a clause that they cannot dismiss you out of retribution. Or, you may want to tell them to kiss your **S and go for another job. Don’t settle for less and don’t settle for secrecy. Many a lawsuit is settled under the proviso that the parties cannot talk about the settlement amount and the hospital doesn’t have to admit liability. Full disclosure should be the way to go. Unless, of course, you want to grab the money and run. Personally, I have been known to tilt my sword at windmills in the past!

In case you’re wondering about all this talk…I was a legal secretary (and practically paralegal) years ago. I’ve personally seen some of this stuff.

Keep the chin up and the stubborn side of you intact. Don’t let them run over you!!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

Chadd -
Have you heard anything yet? Any more progress?

I think you need to file a law siut !!!Your right were vilated what would have they done if you went into a diabetic coma. when they told you u had to make your co-pay I would have told them they know were they can go because I’m not paying for something tha tyou didn’t have in stock and besides I would make them buy me another pump.I would have refuse the drug test anyway when they told me to remove my pump.

Wow, can’t believe this actually happened. I’m thinking the lady needs to be fired… I think you’re doing the right thing, or else this might happen to someone else. Keep us posted.

four words, sue their pathetic asses

Get a lawyer, get the “nurses” name and have her fired. get yoru union involved. Say ADA a lot and stomp your foot. And Sue their asses off for taking away your life saving drug. Call the media… raise a stink. I know I would… she would regret how she treated you.


This is an outrage! Can’t believe how you were treated. Glad you are suing them.

A bit of advice for anyone in a hospital for any reason. When you feel your rights are being violated or your wishes/needs aren’t being tended to, demand to speak to the hospital administrator immediately. Nothing gets staff attention like this. Guarantee that the hospital administrator will there in 10 minutes doing everything in his/her power to make things right. Whip out a pad & start writing everything down–time, ask for everyone’s names & titles & let the hospital administrator know you’re taking notes for your attorney.

Thats a double AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!! Such incompetence and ignorance. I think youre doing the right thing Chadd.

He questions if you’re serious about suing when:

  1. they put your health and possibly life in danger by making you go for 4+ hours without insulin


  1. they broke a $4K-$6K medical device through mishandling it?

Not a laughing matter at all. What an idiot.

I would follow through on it, if only because of the lack luster concern shown by the hospital over this. It was bad enough that they manhandled a very expensive piece of equipment, but to drag their feet on finding replacement insulin for you? That’s over the top! Your life was endangered in this big blunder.

I would also insist on having all people briefed on modern durable medical devices that they may encounter during the course of their jobs.

Gah. I am livid for you! Good luck in this.

Great, Chadd! I’m glad they settled it. I know you’re probably still upset with them, and that may take some time to heal. But, hey, at least they didn’t make this into a long, court-involved battle. (Which, I’m sure if they had, you would have carried it to the end!!) And I’m glad they had the clause for your employment. It’s wonderful that your uncles are helping you like they are! You are very fortunate!

I am so glad you were able to come to a quick closure on this, and that those people won’t be able to do this to someone else!


I am SO HAPPY for you! Not that you followed my advice, but I am glad you had the clause about termination put in and and I am truly sorry that you can’t roast their ase in public!!! Ahhhhh, vengeance is “mine, sayeth the Lord.” They will get theirs in the end. I am soooooooooooo glad for your victory I could get up and dance! (This coming from someone who falls constantly and uses a walker indoors and a scooter outdoors!)

It really is too bad that this can’t be publicized in some way in order to warn other facilities and diabetics to watch out for this type of situation. (I hope that this “discussion site” isn’t considered being outside your agreement. Even though you didn’t name them…)

Good for you, again. Wanna have a giant pizza party for the site!!!

Lois La Rose
Milwaukee, WI

P.;S. Wanna adopt me???

That is great. I hope this has been resolved to your liking. I’d be interested in knowing if they found this site and all the comments and support your received.

I’d be pissed as hell.

Even if they are a hospital, they should still have some sort of customer service. Right?

I agree with Sarah about the mandatory diabetic education but in addition, I think they should have to pay for it out of their own pockets! I couldn’t believe when I got the bill that a 6 hour diabetic education class (2 days, 3 hours each) cost me $550.00, but, as my husband said, it’s for my health.

Well, Lois… Chadd told us, and if it’s true what they say about what happens when you tell 10 people, and they tell 10 people, etc…then the ignorance with which Chadd was treated will be known and hopefully never repeated.

Good going Chadd for following through and making sure they understand the wrong they did to you. You’re my Rosa Parks!

Hi Chadd, any updates???