Random Label question

I made blue berry muffins this morning, and was reading the carb info. 22gm/ serving. Then looking at the percentages(which I don’t really care about) It shows as packaged and as prepared. The serving was 1/4 cup of mix with 6 servings. You make the mix with 1/2cup milk (12 grams/cup) My question is does the the carb amt include the milk. I realize this example only adds 1gm of carbs for each muffin, so no big deal. But thinking that may not be the case with everything. Just curious.

Hi Shzowie,

When I make various things if the package says that the Nutrition Facts are for “Dry Mix”, then I add the other things I put in with it (milk, etc) to the carb count of the Dry Mix itself. Sometimes the Nutrition Facts aren’t all that clear, so, I just avoid the ones in the store that don’t make sense. And, since the type of milk you use might be different than what they would use “as prepared” it definitely makes more sense to go with the Dry Mix amounts and add your counts for your milk, etc, to it.

Have fun baking!


When it says as prepared…this means with the milk. It doesnt matter what type of milk they are basing it on since all milk is 12 carbs per cup.

On boxes that only give the carbs per the dry mix I usually resort to carb king. I will find a standard muffins (or whatever it is I am making) and then find out the carbs per ounce and weight whatever it is I made.

I just meant that some people like to substitute soy milk or other types of milk for cow’s milk which does have different carb counts… :slight_smile:

Understood…but if you are basing it as prepared on a label…it is going to be a milk that is 12 carbs per cup…but yes, soy milk is 4 carbs less per cup then cows milk…wouldnt it be nice if this part of this roller coaster wasnt so confusing. The first time I went to make my son a glass of carnations instant milk. I was debating…is the carbs they are listing with milk? Just more confusion to our already confused minds!

Our most confusing situation is making waffles from the pancake mix. The carbs on the box are for the mix and then prepared as pancakes. There are extra ingredients for the waffles vs just pancakes so we have added those carbs to the total and then divided by the number of waffles it makes. We also have to control the portions of the mix so that you get the right number of waffles. We very carefully did this once and now we know the carb count for one waffle. It came out very close to the Carb King estimate.

I usually just estimate too, but my best guess isn’t always the best. This isn’t a huge deal for us, but I was still sleepy this morning when I ran it to make the muffins, and then just got curious as to how others figured things. This mix didn’t have a “dry mix” marking.

After all this curiousity my sweet little son was less than cooperative and wouldn’t even eat a muffin for breakfast. He instead ate his turkey sandwich that was for his lunch. This fight was of course AFTER I bolused him for the muffin. Ugghhh!

Oh no…lol