Random newbie questions

I haven’t had the follow-up and have no testers or anything. So I’m relying on “feel” and reading to guide my eating. Here are some questions nagging at me please toss in any answers you know or direct me to another source. Thanks all in advance.

  1. Why do eggs seem to make the most difference in the way I feel? no other protein comes close.

  2. Some foods I’ve never had trouble with before, now I have difficulty swallowing. Nuts for example and I really planned to rely on them.

  3. Why do I crave oranges and how do I know if I may have one (or part)?

Thanks again

Hi Peter,

No harm in asking questions - everyone was new at some point.

It’s going to be really hard for you to tell what is going on with your blood glucose (BG) until you get a meter. My recommendation would be to go to any local pharmacy and buy a meter. You don’t have to have a prescription, and they are fairly inexpensive. Ask the people behind the counter if they have any coupons, and they might be able to get you one for free or almost free.

Once you have the meter, just start experimenting with how you react to certain foods. It’s really hard for anyone here to give very specific advice on food, since everyone is fairly individual when it comes to how they react. One thing that will also be helpful for you is to get a carb counting book. You can buy one like this from the Calorie King that will tell you what just about every kind of food has for carbs. Understanding how many carbs are in each thing you are eating will go a long way towards helping you understand what the food will do to your BG.

Hope this helps!


Oh, and BTW…

I haven’t heard about anything related to trouble swallowing with diabetes. I’m sure other members will help out with this one.


  1. Not sure about the egg thing.
  2. Diff swallowing. Have you had your thyroid checked? If you haven’t you might want to have it checked out. That may be the issue. Not sure.
  3. Oranges, the best thing to do is eat one, test your blood sugar and if you blood sugar is high then you should eat half. I eat a small orange everyonce in a while. Eating is a trial and error. Eat, test and decide from there. Food effects us differntly.

Peter: The swallowing thing may or may not be diabetes-related. I often have trouble getting food down the esophagus. Three trips to the ER because it has gotten stuck – once it had to be removed with an endoscope.

Cause: Acid-reflux. It can create rings in the esophagus that cause certain foods to get stuck. You may also have developed some kind of food allergy that causes it.

Try taking prilosec for a while. You may not feel any acid reflux symptoms (I don’t), but that does not mean it isn’t there. If anything gets stuck, go to the ER.

Thanks everyone. I finally got a tester yesterday and can start matching numbers with feelings. I appreciate all the replies! They will help.