Range of motion issues

I was recently diagnosed with a frozen shoulder. Now my hips are having problems, It feels just like with my shoulder, but my Dr. said it takes years for the hips to freeze. And it’s only certain ways I try to move my hips. I walk fine. I’ve been diabetic for 34 years and am only 36. Has anyone else experienced similar problems? Thanx

I had it in both shoulders years ago. The right I was able to get about 5 acupuncture treatments, and it magically went away. The left I had to have arthroscopic surgery. We’ve had many discussions about it here (go to “Forum” and search for “frozen shoulder”), but here is one to get you stated

I have had D for 30 years and am 41. I have had frozen shoulder on both sides and now have the hip issue in my left hip. For me it is only in a few motions I notice it as well. My doc said it is basically the same as the shoulder and will go away on its own or faster if I strech. So I should have about 1 year left on the hip. I have noticed the hip thing for almost a year before it became a hinderence.
I now am quite careful about how I move it. Getting in and out of a car is the worst.
Hope that helps.