Rant about inconvenient low blood sugar

I get some energy so I start cleaning around the house taking carpets out shaking them spraying them with flea poison and I’m sweating and get discouraged andvworn out and its wrong that I quit when I start. Hold that thought my blood sugar is low. I need a few minutes to relax and eat. Its not reasonable. Its diabetes. It interrupts the "normal"ish flow. Its all so contrary. Blood sugar strongly affects my energy level. I feel great good mood ambitious when my blood sugar is dropping out of high range. If it had stopped dropping going low I would have got some work done. I wish everyone had type one and this behavior was normalish.

Sometimes you just can’t win for losing. Sucks.

I wish better times for you!

cleaning the house takes a lot out of you. i also sometimes go low while cleaning and it makes me think i should get a maid, as my D does not like cleaning-and thats the first thing me and D are in agreement about!

I wish NO ONE had diabetes! :smile: