Rapid changes in / The joys of being a pregnant diabetic

So, I'm 30 weeks pregnant. All of a sudden I'm getting unexpected lows mid-late morning.

My fasting numbers have gone up and I've needed to increase my nighttime basal (am now up to 20 units, but with no apparent lows (better test a few times during the night to be sure with the current goings on), but cut my daytime basal already from 26 to 20 units in the last few days.....

Went to bed last night at 97 (with a little unbolused food on board, so I could have gone higher overnight).

Fasting today 8 am: 91 (ok, though a little higher than I'd like)
Breakfast: bolus with humalog 8 units - 2 1/2 hours later at 10:30 = 92. Ok! Great! Should be perfect! In the past when I take humalog where-ever I am 2 hours after a meal I tend to still be there a few hours later.

1 1/2 hours later I start shaking and suspect a low and I'm 56!

Maybe baby is taking much more energy than before? Leaving less for me??

I haven't really increased what I eat and am trying not to eat too much, as my obe told me I'm only allowed to gain 5 lbs for the rest of the pregnancy (15 lbs is my total 'allowance' as I started off close to obese and I'm diabetic), which = only about 1/2 lb a week, which I am going to find really hard to stick with. :( She is very concerned that the baby stays within the normal growth curve (at last visit baby was 70ile and I was cautioned to be even more careful). But baby should be gaining about 1/2 lb a week by this stage of pregnancy - which mean all the weight has to go to her, not me.

Guess I'm going to have to either cut the daytime basal further, start having a small snack about 2 hours after eating / suck a piece of candy mid-morning.

I am so looking forward to getting my body back in another 2 months!

Just two more months. How exciting! 91 fasting is a bit too high? You're doing beautifully. Dialing basal back a tad is worth a try since weight gain is a concern. More fun to have a snack.

Sounds like the sweet spot. Oh honey, don't even think that there's something wrong with your baby or the placenta. Understand your concern. You're in a lot better control than many diabetic moms.

Realize it's completely different being pregnant, but I go through odd, unexplained phases of increased insulin sensitivity. Same food, same timing, same bolus will result in a stubborn low. Not unusual. Just when I lower basal/bolus a bit, BG goes up. But of course:)

Murphy's Law indeed. I'm convinced there are diabetes gremlins afoot as well. Their sole purpose is to muck things up when we think we've got it somewhat figured out. Haven't found a way to keep them at bay. Garlic doesn't work, nor does salt. Perhaps time to try eye of newt.

I feel the same about Dr. B. He's my hero.

You've worked very hard. You're healthy & so is your little one. Rub that tummy & baby from me. Be positive. Nothing negative allowed near your girl.

I think you've done a tremendous job and you're close to having that beautiful baby in your arms! You're getting close now so just hang in there! Could be just those pregnancy hormones tripping you up. It's been a long time since I had my baby girl and I'm now experiencing the joy of female hormones trying to transition to menopause. What you've described with the lows and having to cut way back on insulin is exactly what I've been going through as a Type 1 on the other end of the life spectrum.

And like Gerri said, there's always those darn gremlins!

I'm really excited for you!

This is the wonderful result of that pregnancy 3.5 years later.

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