Rash Part Two

Good evening world!

Well the MD decided that since my rash has not worsened, I guess it has improved somewhat even though it still really itches at times, to change my meds from metformin to glyburide.

Reading the sheet that you get from Walgreens is informative but I guess it can be scary as well. It is said that diabetes is about control, well I am spending alot of time talking to my doctor, getting presecriptions and updating my medic alert info, how is that for control.

Also it seems my insurance plan covers test strips but how many per day is not information that they tell you. So I have been checking my BG 3-4 times a day, ok some days only once or twice but most days, anyhow time to order more strips and low and behold no coverage, too soon the insurance says. Hmmmm too soon, but nobody said and it doesnt say on the website!!!

Called the rep our company has for the insurance, and she said talk to the MD cause there is a limit but it is a secret, and the MD can talk to Prescription Management and get them to change, be more flexible, whatever. And just for your info I have a PPO plan and not an HMO. Well MD said, check twice a day and that way....... but I thought control is good, knowledge is power, does twice a day really give you that?

I guess I shouldnt complain. I have a good job and above average insurance, and I am thankful for this. I just wish someone would have said something at the onset!

Well at least the 100 pack is on sale so it is only one dollar a strip.

Later all!


I am type 2 and I get enough strips to test up to 12 times a day as I am on insulin. My doctor just wrote the script out and then I had to keep a log of my sugar for 30 days showing how much I test and take to the place that gives my my strips and they sent it to my insurance company. Of course the home health agency told me just to make up numbers for 30 days so that I could get the strips without a hassle at first.

Thankx I am type two so I think my management is going to be managed…