has anyone had a problem with rashes especially around arm pits and groin area? I had a couple of medical persons tell me that some diabetics get them. if you have what solutions have you tried.

Make sure you rule out staff infection before treating the rash, it is a very common thing. Hydrocortizone will not with help staff and it often appears like a rash in moist skin areas of the body.

There are several easy treatment to get the staff under control. I’ve been there, after trying to get rid of it, thinking it was just a skin rash.

The key to getting is assessed right is to get the medical professional to take D out of the assessment and if all is ruled our, then maybe it is D related.

diabetics are prone to yeast infections also. So if it doesn’t go away you might need an anti fungal creme

If your blood sugar runs high, it is like everything in your body runs a high blood sugar. Your saliva, your sweat, everything. You can become more susceptible to things like thrush. Thrush can occur in any area of your body, like a fold of skin which becomes moist and sweaty. Often, if it is just a yeast thing, you can get rid of the infection with an powerful antimcrobial and then try to keep the area clean and dry. I guess I would always recommend hydrocortizone as a last resort, it certainly reduces your bodies immune reaction, but if the problem is really an infection, that only helps reduce the symptom, it doesn’t solve the problem.

Oh, and don’t forget, world peace and tight blood sugar control.