Rather Odd Question

Hi folks!
I got a call from my mom this morning, letting me know she was on her way to the store to put together a care package of sorts for my Type 2 grandfather, then she told me the story behind it:
Last night my grandfather woke up low, but was so low he found himself unable to speak. So, he started hitting my grandmother to get her attention, but not realizing he was low, she just got annoyed. Finally she realized he was having an insulin reaction, but as they’re both rather old and both have degenerative back disorders, neither can walk very well. They also don’t keep anything in the bedroom to treat midnight lows.
To further complicate things, my grandfather wears dentures, which he removes at night.
I would very much welcome your suggestions as to products my grandparents could keep in their bedroom that will: a) raise bloodsugar; b) be easy to consume without teeth; and c) not need to be kept refridgerated. I suggested small tubes of frosting and Glucerna snack shakes to drink after he’s had the frosting. What do you think? Thanks everyone!

Small tubes of frosting was going to be my suggestion! They are great.

Also, if someone cannot swallow, the frosting can be placed inside their cheek and the carbs get absorbed still.

Is he able to suck on things, like lifesavers, etc? I have a jar of butterscotch candies in the table next to my bed…for just those occassions. Also, how about some glucose tablets, there are about 12 - 15 in a tube…if he sucks on those the will help bring his sugars up ---- that’s what they are made for anyway. Good idea from mom, maybe every diabetic should have one of them by their bed at night, just in case.

Just another thing I thought of, my RDN asked me about this:“glucagon emergency kit in the house, just in case you were to lose consciousness? Does Bill know how to use it? I’m sure I could find an extra one around here for you if not. Medicaid should pay for one too.” Maybe you could check into one of those for your grandfather, also.??? I’ll let you know if I find one for myself and how you could get one.

There are also glucose gels available, sold right next to glucose tablets.

Walmart has sodas for kids. They are small (I think about 8oz) and come in plastic bottles. Besides glucose tabs I keep one of these little sodas (I like the orange soda). in my bedside stand.

Dex 4 makes liquid glucose in small bottles.

Warning: Have someone open the clear plastic safety seal but leave the cap on. The tight plastic seals are tough to get off when you are low.

Does he keep his glucose meter on his nightstand so he can check to see if blood sugar is rising to safe level?

1 can of regular soda per night table. I love tubes of frosting but read the labels see how many grams one possesses.No problems or teeth required.


Wow, thanks for all the great suggestions, guys! I’ll be sure to pass them along.

A juice box. It doesn’t need refrigeration and juice can increase blood glucose really quickly.

I’m in love with the Dex 4 “quick dissolve” glucose tabs in the Strawberries & Cream flavor. It’s the only flavor of glucose tabs I buy anymore and they melt in your mouth. I have found them for about $5 a bottle and order them off of Amazon or most of the major online wholesalers of D supplies. I haven’t been able to find them at the pharmacy though.