Re: sleeping in a Hand Protective

You might consider testing from the ear lobe. We find that this is a good way to test at night so as not to disturb Dave, aged 8, while sleeping.

There aren't so many nerve endings in the ear so it doesn't hurt at all. Just set your pricker a bit lower as it is softer skin than the finger.

We think the readings are accurate and I have checked them and compared with finger pricks...also its unlikely to have sugar or food on your ear so its a cleaner surface to test from.

Hope this helps.

When I lived in Japan in 1968 - 71, they always pricked the earlobe for blood tests. I don’t know why the US never picked up on this!

Does it bleed for long? I can understand why you would opt for this method on Dave…but this is obviously one (method) that is not self directed!!

I check Caleb’s toes at night. Never tried the earlobe. Interesting.

This may apply more to older folks, but I would never use the toes for fear of infection turning into ulcers turning into an amputation. Just my NSHO.