Reach out to others through Facebook and offline

Dear friends in the CSD group:
I wanted to ask you if you could try to reach out to other fellow folks whom you may or may not know in your networks, if you belong to Facebook or MySpace, and please post a bulletin or a note in your profiles or in the networks, to invite them to join

Facebook folks: there’s a neat app that you may want to add to your profiles, displaying the most recent TuDiabetes videos:

In MySpace, we also have a MySpace page (, but ultimately, we’d love to see as many people with diabetes as possible to come join the community at, like you have.

One last thing, if you find any fitting bulletin boards in your campus/break areas, in this post:
you can find a flyer you can print and pin to boards, allowing people to learn about the community offline.

Thanks for your help and support!