Reading of my glucose levels at the doctors office: what do you discuss with your doctor?

They ask to see your data because it helps them see what is happening. If the data from your CGM is inaccurate, just say so, and they will ignore it. Refusing to let your doctor see your data by referring to your data as “my glucose readings” is like saying they are not allowed to get your height & weight; they are not looking at it so they can say you are fat or short, they are looking at it to help you figure out how to take good care of yourself.

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LOL, you guys (@katers87 @Dave44 ). I understand what your saying. It is frustrating to see weeks of effort and analysis get glanced at for a couple min and then tossed into the trash. But, I do it mainly for myself. I like to form my own opinion about the data and investigate the patterns before I talk to the Doc. It helps me evaluate, in advance, if their sometimes flippant suggestions are too risky for me to implement. I don’t want to put myself in between a bullet and a target. I want to know my own perspective on the data. But, I also want to give them an opportunity to challenge my perspective - if they use that opportunity or not is up to them.

Plus, they know I am making a real honest effort to look at the numbers. That buys me some street cred and a bit of a reputation. Its functioned as a sort of insurance policy in the past…should I ever need to defend myself in front of a medical board or in court or against myself.

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I can read your words and understand their meanings, per se, but I’ve no idea what you are concerned about, actually. :slight_smile: What “medical board” are you speaking of? And why would your diabetes-related notes have some relevance, or importance to you as it relates to “a medical board” or a court? What legal jeopardy would you be in if you didn’t maintain these records? I’m just mystified at this point, but curious also.

And, one last thing, street cred? I know what the term means, but also don’t understand your inclusion of such a term, as it relates to your record keeping., ie, street cred with WHO, exactly?

Glad it works out well for you!!! I’m sure doing a deep dive into your diabetes management helps, and I suppose this way you have some outside force that determines when you do it. Seems like that could help with the motivation and structure a bit.

I push the envelope sometimes - thats all @Dave44. If you are not an envelope pusher, your probably fine as is. I like to dive deep into the numbers. It interests me. Medical board info here: Driver's licenses.....suspended in CA?

Sometimes, depending on which state you live in, there can be situations that develop that require some envelope pushing - drivers license suspensions, demands for medical devices that you need because of medical necessity, etc. Independent analysis of your numbers allows you to make whatever case you need. I find that I am not able to predict what problems are coming down the line and independent analysis gives me the widest breadth of ability to advocate for myself…whatever situations appear.

The data that we have access to is our best protection. Not all chronic illness groups have the benefit of that. Most don’t. It is exponentially more difficult for them. I guess I feel an obligation to use, fully, the tools that I am blessed to have.