Real Age

My real age is not what I had hoped, is yours??!!

yeah it really freaking sucked. i can’t live my life as a nun? LOL

Almost 10 years higher, because of stress, leadfoot, not having a dog (my old dog added more stress), and a1c being a little too high. Interesting test, but, I agree, no one can follow those rules perfectly. Interesting test, though.

I was 4 years older than my actual age on this test. Dang! Interesting and fun to do, though. I need to step up my exercising!!


I am 8 years older and it states I need a dog as well. :wink:

Karen, Talk about being bumed out they think my age is 17.5 yrs older. I guess there is no hope for me. I am with Debb dang.

Thanks Karen

dang, dang, dang, diabetes just ages us :), at least we are part of a great group of old farts :slight_smile:


Remember, when you take this quiz, that just having diabetes adds four to five years to the results.

Also remember the old adages:

  1. You are not the number.

  2. Your mileage may vary.

  3. You’re not older, you’re wiser.

Thank you once again for your great sense of humor Terry. My favorite on your list is number 2. There are some days when i feel like my odometer has just tripped over the 999,000 mark. I am just afraid if i take that quiz there might be tread marks to bear out that number.