Reality Check

I’ve been running high during the night and in the morning, approaching 200, which starts the day off badly to say the least. I decided that I need to raise my nightly basal Levemir, but thought I’d do a Reality Check first. That is, Wear my Pump. The basals are set for winter, so it would be apparent whether or not the basals are truly the problem. (I don’t usually wear my MM because of my scarcity of pump sites.) So yesterday morning I put it on, ran high during the morning while my body reset itself for the pump, BGs becoming quite good for the rest of the day, the night, and perfect this morning. So okay, the problem is the basals. I plan to go up by 1/2 unit of Levemir to begin with, a full unit later if necessary. But I made some other Reality Checks as well. With good/close to perfect basals, I can tell whether or not my bolus ratios on MDI are correct, and whether or not I’m counting carbs correctly on homemade (unlabeled) foods. I also found out that it’s worthwhile to zip up the Spibelt holding the pump when I go to bed! Untangled myself from the tubing during the night with no harm done. Going to enjoy my pump for at least four days–using my two good sites–which is a nice way to spend a holiday weekend.