Really curious

I went to my daughters soccer game yesterday. It was a brisk 34 degrees I’m not one to get cold but I notice my upper body was shivering but my legs didn’t seem to feel the effects of the cold other than muscle stiffness and very painful joints. Then after I had been home for about an hour my legs got to hurting really bad. Anyone else deal with this?

Diabetes has many possible complications, including nerve damage (neuropathy). Excess blood sugar can damage tiny blood vessels…usually starts from toes or fingers. Sometimes we are unable to feel cold or heat or sense the extreme temperature. Same thing when applies to water temperature when bathing. On cold temperatures Paul, its best to be aware and be conscious of your feet. Protect your feet against frostbite. Check your feet once in awhile when prolonged stay in very cold temperatures. Same thing with heating blankets. Without being able to feel how hot the blanket or pad is, you could be burned.
See your doctor.