Really high

I keep having theses random days usilly on Thursday night and Sunday nigh were my surgery is close too if not over 500 and I don't no why it takes forever to go down too any thoughts

well, part of it you already have some information on, Thursday and Sunday Nights.... so, what is different about those two days? What do you normally do on those specific days? Maybe you go eat at a certain place or time? Just take a closer look at everything and I do mean EVERYTHING that is different about those two days, things like meals, time of meals, exercise or lack there of, meaning do you normally take a walk on Wednesday but not on Thursday etc, any differences should be able to give you a clue as to why it goes high.

As to it taking long time to drop back, that would be controlled by the combination of your basal rate and any corrective dose of insulin you take for your meals etc. It may also be that the settings for how effective your insulin normally is, meaning it "normally takes x (in my case 1 unit) to drop my sugar readings by 50, or does it normally take more than 2 units etc... then again, take a look at what is different about those two days.

For me, and this is for ME ONLY, I take 10 units to drop me from 500 down to roughly 200. I then, make an additional adjustment, after 1 hour from taking that initial 10 units, according to how high my sugar level is then. This is something that all of us have to adjust to how our own body reacts to insulin, according to our weight, our diet, the effectiveness of insulin varies for everyone... so you will have to adjust how much of a corrective dose you take to bring it back down.

you explained it so well, john :)
add stress kind of food amount of food etc...