Really low doses of insulin


Many thanks, Sam19! :+1:t2:

At the risk of being called a persnickety beotch, may I add that the “s” at the end is unnecessary because the “J” stands for “joes” so it’s already in the plural form?

(I can’t help it: I was forced to attend parochial school from grades 1 through 5, where spelling and exact grammar were beaten into us by evil, child-loathing nuns. :church:️ Which segues into two of my most favorite, funny, and true things to tell people: The name of my first-grade teacher was Sister Conception. (Immaculate, perhaps?!?) And I’ve always wondered why we call a religious sister a “nun”; perhaps it’s a clever pun having to do with how much they get…)

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But DJ could just as well be referring to a singular diabetic named Joe, could it not?

You’re right DJNs is incorrect as that would just be DJN.

It drives me crazy in my line of work when I hear someone say “engine RPMs” or “shaft RPMs” instead of RPM… Idiots! It’s the R that’s plural, the minute is singular! I find that so intolerable that even back when I was a lowly third mate I used to call out and correct captains on that. Inexcusable.

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Just don’t call it Bolus Joes, because BJ will get too confusing :smiling_imp:
and people will stare in public, when you say, “quick, I need my BJ”

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I get those stares all the time.


Welcome aboard! I skipped my honeymoon or I guess you could say I ate and drank my way through it without knowing. I was diagnosed after going unconscious after having “the flu” for several weeks, and my BG was 1140. My mom found me passed out in the livingroom and off to the hospital I went. Anyway, your doc is dead on, this is your honeymoon phase. Over the next few months to a year or so you will see your insulin requirements gradually go up as the remaining beta cells die off. So I guess try to enjoy it for now, although it can also be erratic. At least you have this time to learn more about bolusing and ratios and carb counting and all the joys of being a full-blown Type 1, as most LADA’s end up being in the end.

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