Really? You're a hospital... really?

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Another one of the joys of living in a small midwestern town is trying to eat with food allergies. It’s getting better at restaurants, some even will make you gluten free meals, the pot roast with roasted red potatoes and steamed vegetables is delicious, but I digress. When you have to stay in hospital you would expect them to understand food allergies, I mean it’s only a health care facility. Well at this one, not so much. Squirt’s allergies make it so the wifey can’t eat any dairy, gluten or soy since she is breastfeeding otherwise Squirt breaks out in a HORRIBLE rash (from the top of her head all the way down her face, trunk and onto her legs). So it’s lunch time yesterday and they give Wifey the menu, both options are cooked meals (spaghetti or some chinese entree). Obviously both of those are a no go. So the nurse says, well that’s what we have but I can make you a cheese sandwich or there are tacos on the line in the cafeteria (taco seasoning usually has soy, wheat and whey). We both just stared at her and she looked back at us like we were being unreasonable…

SuFu, PhD

Talk to the hospital’s dietician, not the nurse.

Trust me, we did and the food is even worse. I have a post about it scheduled for tomorrow. It’s pretty bad. I’m making slow cooker chili for supper and I’ll make hamburgers for lunch and take them to her in hospital.