RECALL TEST METER: OneTouch Verio Meter

I got a call from my Endocrinologist today to inform me about the recall for
OneTouch Verio BG Meter. I just want to share the info with you guys also.

At extremely high blood glucose levels (1024 mg/dL and above), the OneTouch® Verio®IQ Meter will not provide a warning and will shut off
Milpitas, CA – March 25, 2013 – LifeScan, Inc. is initiating a voluntary recall and replacement for all of its OneTouch® Verio®IQ blood glucose meters in the United States, effective immediately.

LifeScan is recalling and replacing all OneTouch® Verio®IQ Meters because at extremely high blood glucose levels of 1024 mg/dL and above, the meter will not provide a warning that the blood glucose is extremely high and will shut off, thereby potentially leading to incorrect treatment and delaying proper treatment.

The likelihood of experiencing an extremely high blood glucose level of 1024 mg/dL or higher is remote; however, when such a blood glucose level occurs, it is a serious health risk requiring immediate medical attention. Because these products do not provide an appropriate warning at glucose levels of 1024 mg/dL or higher, diagnosis and treatment of extreme hyperglycemia may be delayed or incorrect treatment may be given resulting in potentially serious health risk or fatality.

Patients who are using the OneTouch® Verio®IQ Meter should:
Contact LifeScan Customer Service at (800) 717-0276 to make arrangements to receive a replacement meter at no charge and to speak with a LifeScan representative. Representatives are available 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. EDT Monday through Sunday (LifeScan U.S. Customer Service).

Seek additional information about this recall on

Please note that patients may continue to test with their OneTouch® Verio®IQ Meters while they wait for their replacement meter to arrive as long as they are aware of this issue. However, LifeScan advises that if the meter unexpectedly turns itself off during testing, this could be a sign of extreme hyperglycemia requiring immediate medical attention and the patient should call a healthcare professional.

The announcement of this was posted earlier, but the details are only starting to come out. There has been a detailed discussion of this in the Onetouch Group as well as a post over at DiabetesMine. While the 90,000 Verio IQ meters in the US just shut off, apparently the 670,000 Verio Pro meters in use in Europe actually give wrong readings. As a Verio IQ user, I was not happy and have called about a replacement but will likely have to wait some time.