Received old transmitter

Hey all,
I’m hoping to get some advice and help. My husband received his new transmitter and sensors last month. He tried to sync everything (he uses the handheld not his phone). So the Transmitter synced to the handheld but then failed during sensor warmup. We called the pharmacy number on the box 800-730-9887 we were told to call dexcom so we called the number on the box it was the same number. We have been given 3 different numbers for dexcom tech support. 888-738-3646, 844-607-8398, and 877-838-3026. all of them tell us we need to call someone else. We did find out that the transmitter he received in November was “activated” in June and because it’s too old can’t be used. We are trying to get a new transmitter and new sensors (he used 3 trying to get it to pair) Has anyone delt with this? How do you get to someone who can actually help. We have been on hold for so long we just want to say F- It
But we can’t because then we’ll have to stick to finger pricks for who knows how long!

Nevermind! we finally got through and they helped us get it sorted. They are sending us new sensors :slight_smile:

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Thats unusual. Glad you got it figured out. Dex tech support has not been good lately.
The will only replace 3 sensors at a time, so if you have failures, call early and call often.

Yeah it took forever for us to get an answer. Thankfully they are sending us new sensors.