Recent research points to a possible link between high carb diets and the development of T2 diabetes

Here is part of a news release from the University of Saskatchewan.

"After a two-year investigation, Professors Kaushik Desai and Lily Wu have discovered diets high in carbohydrates are a probably mechanism for the skyrocketing rates of Type 2 diabetes.

The work by Kaushik Desai and Lily Wu, professors in the U of S College of Medicine’s Department of Pharmacology, focused on methylglyoacal (MG), which is produced naturally as the body metabolizes glucose consumed in carbohydrates.

What they have found is that high levels of MG produce all the features of Type 2 diabetes, including damage to insulin producing cells in the pancreas, insulin resistance and impairment of body tissue to use glucose properly. Their findings are set to be published in the March issue of the American Diabetes Association journal Diabetes. "

Here is a link to the full release.

This is a rat study where the researchers pumped methylglyoacal continuously into the rats blood and then measured several factors that characterize T2. All moved in the direction of T2. Here’s a more technical link to the studies methodology.

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