Reciever protection

Hello all, I have been using the Dexcom7 plus for about a month now and am interested in what covers you guys are using. Right now I have the Grey bumper pad on my reciver but I am very rough on it as I am very active and it's starting to show alot of wear "rips, tears" what cases do you guys use? Is there any other options available from dexcom? Thanks for your input.


When I got my first Seven Plus in August 2009, I used the only cover provided - the black one with the belt clip. It is more open than the one I received with my new Seven Plus I got this month. I used to clip it to my belt, but then the leather started peeling off the metal part, so I have been putting it in my pants pocket.

When I got my new Seven Plus this month, I started using its skin on my old receiver. It seems to work well, except that my old receiver keeps rebooting. I don’t know if it because of its age or from static electricity. When I change my sensor tomorrow I am going to switch to my new receiver.

I am using the black one that has a belt clip. I got the grey one as well but not using it as of yet. I clip the unit to my jeans so I have it with me at all times as if its not clipped on me, I’ll accidently walk away from it then go to where I left it and find something to clip it on. When I’m at work, it sits in my apron.

I keep it in the skin that came with it and put it in my Spibelt.

Amy, be careful doing that. A friend of mine got one for her daughter about the same time that I got mine and hers fell off when she had it clipped like that. Luckily, they put a sticker on the back that is was a medical device with her name & phone number and they were able to get it back. After I heard that, I quit using it that way and started using the Spibelt.

I use the black leather case that came with it but had my brother cut the clip off the back. I use a Spibelt to keep it in.