Recipes, Meal Planning, Shopping List - Tracking Software?

I’m probably just dreaming, but I’m hoping someone has come across a piece of software in which I could:
> Enter my recipes
> Do weekly meal planning (including snacks)
> Generate a shopping list based on the meal plans

At the very least, I’d like to have one place to gather all the low carb recipes I’ve collected from many different sources.

Thanks in advance,

My son gave me some software called Recipe manager, version 3. I haven’t installed it yet. It says on the box that you can add new recipes, search for recipes, create custom shopping list, scheduler, meal lists, nutrition, measures and importing recipes from other places. I’m not sure where he got it but the website is:

Thanks, Jeannie! I’ll check it out.

I have software called NutriBase that I really like. You can enter recipes and it calculates all the nutrition levels for you. You can do weekly meal plans, you can enter your intake every day, you can even track your exercising. You can also track your blood sugars. And it does all kinds of reports for you, it’ll do a Diabetic Report and show each day how many carbs you ate, what your bg was. I’ve never done it, but it does have the ability to generate shopping lists. If you Google it, you’ll see there are several “levels” you can purchase, the one I have is “Junior” or “Personal”. Because they do have packages that can be used by Professionals, and they are very expensive. I think I paid maybe $39.95 when I first purchased it several years ago, and recently purchased an update for about $20. I don’t know if you were looking for something free or if you want to purchase. I highly recommend the NutriBase Program. And their customer support is fantastic.

Thanks, Patricia! I’ll go check it out right now.