Recommendations for Diabetes Tracking Software?

As PaulR suggested, download OnTrack from the Android Market. It’s free, it exports, and it graphs. It also tracks weight and blood pressure if you want it to.

Count me and my BF as another pair of happy users (both of us on LG Ally).

You didn’t say if you’re type 1 or 2. It makes a difference, some programs support insulin stuff, others don’t.

Diabetes Pilot is a nice, simple to use program that runs on most computer and phone platforms. It’s free to try for 15 days. It is more focused on type 2 data.

A nice Android app is Nutridroid. In addition to capturing blood sugar values, it does a very good job with entering food data.

Food data is my big personal hangup with most logging software. I refuse to lug around a big honking book of carb values to enter into my phone or computer. The program needs to have that stuff (carbs, calories etc.) in it, I just want to select the foods from a picklist. Furthermore, I don’t think it’s sufficient to just record carb values. If I can’t go back through my data and see what foods are associated with what problems, I don’t have enough information to correctly modify my diet.

For that reason, I like Diabetes Pilot and Nutridroid.

If you decide (as I’ve done) to develop your own program, think about building it on top of the USDA database of nutritional values. That will make easy(ish) work of recording and tracking nutritional data. It’s available here:
I’d recommend using a relational database. Trying to do it all in a flat file will drive you nuts.

Paul, first off, sorry for the long lapse between posts. If you’re still using the OnTrack Diabetes software, do you know if it has any import capabilities if used on a Tablet PC via USB cable, or do you have to plug in every value you take? I’ve got an Android-based tablet PC (Archos 7) in the mail and I’m looking for a good android program to use on it to track my D. In addition to meter data, I also have about 6 months of BGs in Excel format to track… Any idea on those? Pre-emptive thanks!

I used this software for over a year, until the computer I ran it on became unable to boot and was declared not worth fixing.

Unclear if it’s under active development.

I ran it under 32-bit Windows Vista; it claims to be suitable for at least the other Windows versions available by 2009.

Unable to download from meters - you have to enter the values manually.

As of the current version, all data is manually input.

I am trying to find the best tracking app. I don't mind if it costs. I am looking for one that tracks my readings, food, and exercise. I would like to up/download the data to my pc/doctor. Do you have any suggestions? I have an android phone. I am using myfitnesspal for food and exercise, but I'd like to see everything in one place so I have an accurate picture of my progress.

I hadnt realized this thread was still going
After a few years of tracking in spreadsheets, I found what I was looking for
Diabetes Pilot is outstanding
Does everything I was looking to do
I even track my carbs and eating in there, so I can do decent analysis

I bought the PC version, and was thinking about getting the iPhone/iTouch match to it to synch data, but I can remote desktop to my home pc, so when I test at work or eat at work, I just enter it then.

I asked them about a droid version, since my phone is a droid, but its not ready yet. Real Soon Now :-)

I know this is an old thread but I figure that this is the type of discussion that could really help someone newly diagnosed. I've tried most everything out there and Diabetes Pilot is far and away the best as near as I can tell. The built-in food database is very limited but since it lets you add your own foods it really is a great tool for tracking food/carbs and glucose/insulin. I use the iPhone version in combination with the desktop version.

I am not sure if this software is still being actively developed. My fear is that the pricetag (around $15 for iphone and a bargain for the usefulness of this tool) is high enough to scare off most everyone from actually buying it. With that said, the software is very stable on both iOS and in Windows 7. I hope that the developer keeps at it. There is a lot to like about this software.

Im the one that started this thread. I concur
Diabetes Pilot is exactly what I was looking for.
I bought it this summer.
Wish there was a droid version.
I add my repeated meals as I go, so the carb counts are all right there

Now if only it did something to stop my chocolate cravings!

Agree about the droid version. Hopefully, it is in the works. This app is the sole reason I need to keep an iPod around at all times.

Sorry I can't help with the chocolate thing!

Ugh. You would think these tracker programs would be a bit more intuitive and have options for droid.

I am at my wits end looking for a tracker that works on android and I can download my verio iq, dexcom, opmnipod but also allows me to put in multiple basal/ bolus insulins for mdi. Right now, I've got SiDiary because it allows me to download anything, but I like the interface for glucosurfer. GS just doesn't allow me to integrate anything I own (according to the things they have listed for upload) except for Si diary files.

It's 2013. Just thought I'd check to see you if anyone knew of an android compatible, meter/CGMS/Pump uploadable, and mdi friendly software program. Will pay!!! :)


MyFitnessCompanion seems to have a lot of methods of data entry, as well as connecting with a number of Bluetooth-enabled sensors and (at Gold level, $6.99, Microsoft Health Vault). I've not played too much with it yet, but it looks like a lot of the data need to be entered by hand if you're not importing/exporting from HealthVault.

I am newly diagnosed T1D and also an interactive creative director / developer. About the only thing I find more annoying than managing diabetes is the lack of a useful, comprehensive tool for tracking glucose / insulin / carbs. It's madness. I have a mind to quit my job and develop one myself. One Touch devices incompatible with Mac OS, with no plans to integrate, ever?? Manually enter dates, times, and glucose levels into a table in MS Word daily so my diabetic counselor can evaluate my numbers, even though that data is already stored on my meter?? How and why is this possible in 2013? I have been using MyPlateD on Livestrong, which could be great but has major UX shortcomings. Was going to try glucosebuddy... I see the original post is 3+ years old, but obviously the need for a smart, cross-platform solution still exists!

(caveats coming)
I've been using Diasend ( for the last month or so, and am pretty happy with it -- UX is reasonable, and a large list of supported devices. They have an uploader (both Mac and Windows, though I've only used the mac version), which detects compatible devices plugged into the computer and sucks all their data up onto the diasend site, keyed off your devices serial number (note: having to register each device is a bit clunky, but not terrible, and really only a startup issue).

The caveats:

1. As far as I can tell, you have to either have an animas pump, or your "clinic" has to be registered with Diasend in order to sign up. I'm using animas so not an issue for me. I suspect all you really need is any valid animas serial number and you can register at, but I'm not willing to share my pump data with the world.

2. CGM data is disabled for US customers. This would be a huge issue, but there is a workaround (I posted elsewhere too, but here goes):

  1. Go to, and click on the Spanish flag.
  2. Work your way through registration in spanish* (not too difficult, you could easily parallel through on the english version with a different/fake email and different browser.
  3. After registering in Spanish, go to, and click "International", then log in. Voila! You have an account with CGM enabled, and you can select English on logging in, so no language issues.

* Ridiculous, but apparently the FDA hasn't approved CGM data viewing in the US (!) Also, select Spain because most of the world uses mmol/L as the BG scale, but they use mgdl in Spain.

Love the workaround Steve. I would have assumed I'd need to VPN in from another country. I'm ready for a new pump and I'm waiting for the Vibe/Dexcom or T:Slim/Dexcom to get FDA approval but in the meantime it sounds like Diasend via Spain is the best bet to see everything in one place

GNU Gluco Control has everything you were looking for. It's inteded for type 1, but we also added option that user can manually set different medications (instead of insulin), It is build arround relational database (per default internal java db is used (H2), but you can basically use any database that is accesible via jdbc (most of them). It has pump / injection - pen support, and for last few years we also have option to create own food database, while USDA is imported when you get software. We support abount 30 devices (yes I know not much, but since it is OpenSource anybody who would want could contribute and add its own devices), this is 3 pumps (AC Combo, AC Spirit and Dana), all other devices are Meters from several companies. You have nice printout of all data, display with graphs...

Any help is appreciated and if someone want to test it, it's free on