Recommendations on Pump?

same here smileandnod! After the 72 hours it gives a little beep sequence every hour (for an additional 8 hours - so you can wear one pod for a total of 80). I work in a cubicle farm and no one has ever asked "What the heck is that beeping?" I figure it can't be that bad! And I'm glad that it beeps - I can never remember when I am supposed to change that thing :)

Yeah, not sure how this qualifies as something to complain about, but it's probably the same reason why we need to have 31 flavors of ice cream. People are gonna find reason to complain about anything.

We received the Omnipod trial in the mail - just the pod to wear so he can see how it feels and if he can deal with it stuck on him. So far he thinks it's great. Again, thank you to everyone who has responded.

We're on Day 6 with the t:slim and so far we're very happy. Last Friday one of my daughter's non type 1 friends saw her new pump and said "that is so cool...I want one."
The touch screen is very easy to use. It’s nice to be able to enter a BG number instead of holding the up button for a (hopefully short) period of time.
Making changes to basal rates, carb ratios and correction factors is very simple. Much easier than using the Cozmanager Software and much more intuitive than trying make changes to the Cozmo pump.
The Cozmo had approx. 6 customized presets for increased or decreased basal rates. The t:slim allows you to make any change you want for any period of time. Though I believe the maximum time for an increase or decrease is 72 hours.
The extended bolus is a great feature as well. It will default to 50% now and 50% over the next two hours. Changing the percentages and times couldn’t be easier.
There are a few things I’ll miss about the Cozmo. The Cozmo could fill 23 inches of tubing in a few seconds. The t:slim is very slow.
Hope this helps!