Recording carbs without bolus on tslim

I can’t seem to work it out. Is it possible to enter in carbs that I have consumed without bolusing?

I seem to recall being able to but today when I did it again it didn’t seem to record in the history.

Scenarios where this may have happened is when your sugar is low and you had some carbs but not enough to bolus because you have sufficient IOB to cover.

I don’t think you can do that. The only thing I think you can do is override the bolus amount to something very small (.05).

I don’t record that kind of carb intake.

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Anything you enter into the bolus wizard is saved in the history, even if you cancel the recommended bolus. It’s a little difficult to find it in the pump’s history though.

I would assume that’s something you could filter for when you upload your data to the t:connect device uploader. There’s all sorts of info available when you upload data, though admittedly, I don’t have a lot of experience with that since the computer program doesn’t support Linux.

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It’s in the complete history but not in bolus section which was where I was looking. I guess is theoretically correct since no bolus was given.

@Jim26 workaround is a good suggestion, the complete history is too hard to find on the pump

I just tried this and this doesn’t work. It looks like if you override the wizard with the bolus, it doesn’t record the grams entered. :roll_eyes:

The reason why i want to capture this is I want to correlate it to my graph. If i was running low and then had something to eat and then my sugar goes up, I can tell its because I ate something and not that my basal was incorrect.

@tedos, agree with @Jim26, cannot do it from the pump interface. The only way I’ve found, to record non-bolused carbs is to enter them from the Dexcom app as an [EVENT].