Red Alert: Medtronics Abruptly Quits Shipping Supplies to Florida!

I placed an order when I was rather low on supplies but was told not to worry, that I would get an emergency shipment last Thursday. On Monday, having almost no supplies left, I called and learned that Medtronic is no longer shipping to Florida customers, not even if order was placed already. I didn't receive a letter about this nor was I told when I placed the order. They just threw Florida pump users under the bus!! They gave me a few phone numbers to call. One said they couldn't help me for 10-15 days no matter how urgent my need. So I contacted a company, CCS,which is trying heroically to meet the needs of frantic Floridians. Hats off to them. So everyone from Florida: get yourself a new supply company now before you are in dire straits like I was. CCS is at 800-726-9811. They got supplies to me in 2 days.

Wow - that is horrifying that they can just do that. Especially a "king" of the industry like Medtronic.

Can the people of Florida file a class action suit? I know that would take a LONG time but it just seems illegal to me for a company that big, with so many customers, to just decide such a thing and not tell their customers way ahead of time ....

Horrible way to do business.

I had better ask about before I get my pump in a couple weeks…like what is a back up plan…shocked!

I have had a pump--am on my third one--so 12+ years. Never have ordered supplies from the maker and have always used CCS. They have always been proactive.

Somehow I think there is more to the story or perhaps some form of mis-communication.

You might want to check with your insurance.

There is some odd now rule that insurance claims have to be able to be billed to your home state's insurance office. Before claims could be billed to the insurance office in the state the supplies were shipped from.

Last year, when I was still using a MM pump, I had to deal with that new rule, no warning. Took several phone calls over many days to get an answer. One rep at MM told me that the new rule had left many people scrambling to find suppliers with coverage for their state.

sidenote... I think my insurance company adopted the rule early. At least that was my understanding from the situation last year. I have tried many times to find this new rule in the ACA bill with no luck. So I'm not sure when the official compliance date is.

This kind of corporate indifference to customers is why I swore off Medtronic.

They are the most dominant provider of pumps to T1Ds because they've brainwashed doctors and insurers, not for how they treat customers. And this isn't new behavior -- I experienced similar more than 10 years ago.

They are probably happy you swore off them. Good for you.

There always is. But it is not nearly as thrilling as the Red Alert scare.

I have Medicare.

I very much wanted to believe that too. But they were very clear. And wasn't just me with my Medicare. The ruling was for all in Florida. I chatted with CCS rep and he confirmed that it applies to all Floridians. He said CCS was really scrambling to rise to the challenge, pretty overwhelmed. So there was Monday, the day I connected with CCS. Tuesday paperwork was completed. Weds. I got supplies. Pretty great response.

Update: As part of the frantic call on Monday, I begged Medtronic for some emergency supplies since they promised. They knew I was virtually out of both reservoirs and Silhouettes. Thursday I received 4 Silhouettes and of the wrong length. No reservoirs. Fortunately I had already received supplies from CCS.

Yes, another reminder of our vulnerability. Llke I needed that. I am interested in pursuing other pumps when mine goes out of warranty next spring. Has anyone had a great experience with a different brand?

As expected, notwithstanding the procrastination induced hyperbolic ‘Red Alert’, the explanation from Medtronic is: 'For a temporary time period, Medtronic has halted shipping products in Florida to a portion of Medicare beneficiaries in that state. This was caused by a discrepancy in our Medicare provider file, which we expect to be fixed shortly. In the meantime, we are helping all impacted customers obtain their supplies in another convenient way (including through other distributors). ’