Red Riding Hood and Friends

Nothing like a good story to go to bed with,when our five children were young very young,they all insisted on having a bedtime story from dada tucking all five of them up in bed in two rooms always meant someone had to wait for there story so we took it in turns the girls one night the boys the next such is to say we all ended up on the landing cuddled up in blankets before the story began, no one prepares you to be a parent one wonderful night of love and the next baby is conceived maybe it was because I lead such a sheltered life we never got the hang of it until our fifth child was born, with five screaming babies aged one to six you kinda go of the loving part and just want to sleep,do not think we did not think about cuddling up together on cold nights like this but our appetite for more babies kinda dwindled in the snow,the girls liked stories about Princesses and the boys liked stories about dinosaurs,please forgive my spelling as you know fred my spellchecker is very sick and refuses to work.

As my children could not read well the eldest could a little I never told the story from the book as I could hardly read myself what an enditment on society that I left school at 15 unable to read and write properly,it might have been my fault mom always told me I was as thick as two bricks,she was right so I became to believe,but snuddled up in our blankets hugging each other who cared about the words in a book I had a big imagination,later on in life I so regretted not being able to read from the books our children liked,such is life,I have been given a second chance to put things right by reading to our 4 grandchildren with another expected in March/April,I have to be careful now Jessica our eldest grandchild can read better than I ever could and most times reads to her granpa, I miss the cuddling up in the blankets the expectations on the childrens faces before tucking up our five children and them sleeping sweet dreams, nothing like being a dad and grandad