I know sometimes the hundreds of button pushes we go through each and every time we do a site change with our pumps. There are days I just hate the number of are you sure messages you can get.
But today, it was a thank God for those darn alarms. I did my site change, put the infusion site in, taped it down and went about my business. And than while taking care of the daily poop patrol (2 lovely Labs!), my pump started alarming. I thought I haven’t had an occlusion alarm in forever. And low and behold, I never completed my site change. It saved me from having a really bad morning because it told me I hadn’t finished the cartridge load.
So while sometimes those alarms can be a pain in the you know what, they are there for a very good reason and even someone who has done this for more years than I care to fess up to, I can forget. So thanks Tandem for the alarm reminder! It saved me from having to fight those highs later on.


My 20lb poodle makes enough of a mess for me! I have her do it on the backyard concrete so it’s easy to pick up and no burn spots on my grass either. I don’t know how such a small dog can go so many times per day.

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And I dont suggest having a pod expiration alarm, pulling the pod and completely forgetting to put on a new one. Dumb dumb dumb…


Oh man. That had to be a bummer!

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Oh indeed it was. I have three geriatric critter kids and a husband with health issues and sometimes I am the one who forgets about me…


Yeah, poop patrols as we call them in our household can be a chore but our two pups are family and we love them. We have had three labs now over the years and after the first two years of a female dog destroying the grass we went artificial! Best investment ever. Easy to maintain and no watering! Big win in Southern California!

LOL! I’m old school. I like to see things grow. To my knowledge there is no fake grass that grows; nor does it provide a cool zone around the home. Turf provides quite a bit of cooling to one’s home depending on proximity to the house of course.

Besides I like to see things grow. I grow tomatoes, have lots of roses, orange and lemon trees and lots of assorted flowers and bushes. My two lawns are part of the landscape and it helps keep me fit. Yard work is great exercise. I take pride in my lawn (it’s the best one for blocks around). I switched all of my equipment to cordless. the mower is quiet and does a great job, as do all of the other EGO products I use. I even have a cordless chainsaw.

Yeah but for us living on the coast, cooling is not an issue. We don’t have air conditioning because the breeze keeps things pretty cool. And we did the artificial grass because my poor husband couldn’t stand seeing the yellow spots in his beautiful lawn. So artificial in the back and the yard is now dog proof (three labs have been playing in the yard!) and my husband has his beautiful lawn in the front yard that he fusses over daily! And I also find growing things very calming. Not as much on the vegetable side but high on the wildflower side. Next type of flower will be milkweed to see if I can attract some butterflies!

The funnest thing for me to watch grow are the tomatoes as they grow so fast. And you can’t beat home-grown tomatoes for flavor. We had tomatoes all the way into February. I’ve learned to not remove the plants in late summer when they look a bit hideous. They still grow a lot more fruit.