Refined Carbs Did NOT cause my Insulin Resistance

I get so upset sometimes with people… I realize I need people for support, or for motivation, or for simply living with a little bit of joy in the small amount time we have in this life, but people really greatly tend to upset me a lot. I try not to get… riled up. But it is so hard. I particularly get bogged down by people who have my same disease, and want to pack the blame onto everyone… for having it. I mean, who do they think they are? God’s authority on all science, and education, to know what all causes Diabetes? If you do, please go to the nation’s labs, so we can have a cure, finally, and be rid of this thing…

I hear people blaming our so called ‘excessive’ intake of refined carbs as our reason for having gotten insulin resistance, and getting Diabetes. Well, it was not for me! I was thin, and skinny, for most of my childhood, and then I developed Hypothyroidism which disrupted my metabolism completely, and THEN and only then did I get insulin resistance, and eventually, Diabetes. Refined carbs did not give me Hypothyroidism, and it did not give me Insulin Resistance, or the Metabolic Syndrome. The rest of my family does NOT have insulin resistance and they grew up eating the same diet I did. How can people make blanket statements like that, that everyone’s consumption of refined carbs caused them to have insulin resistance and Diabetes? That is extremely near sighted to me… and it makes me incredibly upset. Might as well tell people that their eating too much candy gave them Diabetes!

I should probably never look into the archives for threads in this community, though I enjoy hanging out in here… it will make me really, really upset, and close to tears, from the total ignorance and arrogance.

Lizmari…my take : there are lots of reasons Why , Why , Why …put it on the shelf girl … and why not show the world , that YOU can handle the D. thing ; what an opportunity you have educating those , who need educating . Support a worthy cause related to Diabetes …people will get the message , that you mean business. Those folks, that do not allign with you may have a different agenda than you …so be it ! Handle what you have to handle : DIABETES .

Your right nel… always so supportive. I always enjoy your comments. :slight_smile: Thanks for the perspective.

Plus I’ve read that many many overweight people do not get Type 2 Diabetes, it’s only one factor. So Type 2s are not to blame for their Diabetes any more than Type 1s. And it’s not what we eat, I will never believe that. So here’s to you!!!

I hear ya, Though we know in our heads we did nothing to cause diabetes, still stings deeply to hear this everywhere.

I’m T1 & been asked repeatedly what I did to get diabetes. I’ve come up with some snotty replies:) I know my T2 brothers & sisters deal with this nonsense a lot more. Whever you turn, the blame is laid at your feet. It’s infuriating.

Hey Lizmarie, I hear ya,

Our society is so programed for youth and perfection that anyone who doesn’t measure up had to have caused it whether through lack of exercise or diet. Look at all the TV shows and commercials now that exploit those who are “weak” in our society.

Sadly, many Dr’s and nurses believe the same thing and are “hostile” towards diabetics in getting the right treatments because they caused their condition. How many T-1’s never get their initial proper diagnosis?

I know Jenny Ruhl’s book opened my eyes up on the issue. Whether T-1, T-1.5, T-2 we all have alot to deal with from others lack of understanding. Nel is right here, its our job to help educate and push forward.

After I was diagnosed, I had to come to terms with my feelings about whether I caused my diabetes. I mean I know I made certain choices in my life which certainly did not help, but in the end it became clear to me that diabetes just happens. It probably has a genetic component, it probably has some environmental component, but in either case, almost nobody here “gave” themselves diabetes. And coming to terms with that yourself is an important part about accepting the way your are. Who needs additional “guilt crap” on top of what we have to deal with every day.

Now that does not mean we won’t encounter people everyday who think otherwise. Oh, “So and So got diabetes cause they pigged out and got fat.” Well that is just not true. The fact is that we all know people that can eat all kinds of total junk and not get fat. Basically, type 2 diabetes become glucose intolerant and they gain weight as a “symptom” of a condition.

I’ll occaisonally try to educate people who make comments like that. Instead, most of the time, I remind myself that they suffer just like me. “I don’t know why I got my diabetes and they don’t know why they have a wicked case of stupid.”

My doc says my thyroid problems were the trigger for me too. Hmmm. I wonder how many people have the same trigger? My thyroid caused weight problems all my life, joint problems complicated it and the diabetes was the final straw.