Reflections on Being a New "Pumper"

Well, it’s been almost 4 weeks.

It should have happened in December, but I kept finding excuse after excuse to put it off. What was I afraid of? I think I was afraid of being “hooked up”…some left over angst from growing up in the late 60s-early 70s = “No way, man. I don’t wanna be hooked up to the man, man.” Silly me.

Two things drove me to it: (1) My nightly liver dump and (2) Wanting to exercise more vigorously.
(1) Meant never being able to “fine tune” with Lantus and inevitably waking up in an awful hot sweat in the middle of the night and often not being able to get back to sleep.
(2) Meant not aggressively fighting my horrible insulin resistance because I wasn’t able to exercise vigorously (I couldn’t “turn down” or “turn off” my basal and had a few scary tries before I resigned myself to long walks).

I gotta say - I am FRICKING thrilled! The control and ability to fine tune is incredibly empowering!
First, just being able to emulate nature by having small bits of basal being released 24/7 - just like a non-PWD. Fantastic.
Second, the COMBO bolus!!! OMG!! I finally have a way to address my second phase insulin needs - just like a non-PWD (only they don’t have to plan it :-)!

As for my issues, after testing and tweaking, I am: (1) sleeping like a baby and (2) getting back in to weight training and biking, with more activity planned.

What surprised me is the new freedom I feel. I never minded all the shots, I really didn’t. They didn’t hurt and I work at home so it was no big deal…at least that’s what I always said. But OH the freedom! Never having to worry about having pens, needles, my frio (when it’s hot), etc., etc. - just to go out to dinner?? Not having to excuse myself or try to surreptitiously give myself a shot under the table?? It’s just so cool that the Animas Ping has a remote that looks like a cell phone.

Yep - I’d say this ol’ hippie doesn’t mind being “hooked up to the man,” man.

Congrats to the NEW YOU .
Here is the old pumper reflecting !!:
I still have needles available in emergency and sometimes I go HIGH for an non -explained reason( I think all pumpers do , no matter ) , Frio pack, cause I travel the odd time …just in case …be prepared …and all this has served me well !!

Thanks, Nel and Jim, for the encouragement. Yes, I will need to be prepared for travel or emergencies…and that’s a GREAT idea about the movies, Jim!