Refrigerating flexpens

So I know you’re supposed to keep flex pens refrigerated until they are first used. But do you know if after they are open if it’s safe to use them? My family and I just got a boat and there’s not much of a cool place in it, at least during the summer, expect for the refrigerator- and i think my novolog pen got too hot last time and now it’s lost its potency.

If the boat is too hot, keep it refigerated. Fine to refigerate after they’re open.

I would always keep my pens in a cooler when I would be in hotter weather. Just put some ice or an ice pack in it. It’s easy to use one and you can keep sugary drinks in it incase your blood sugar gets low. Also, it’s not good to keep a tester in hot weather. Sometimes when I would go to test and my tester was warm, it will not read the test strips so I have to wait until it’s cool again.