Regarding my sisters type 2 diabetes

Hey everybody its not my problem anyway, its my sister, a 55 year old separeted for
two years sufferings this desease, I am very much willing to ask everything and
welcome some emotional advices for her, infact I also suffer from this, but as a
happily married with four kids my husband is so supportive to me, hence my children
too, they are about to know each time I have an attack they see to it that my meds
are always ready, so theres no problem in terms of me… ( we cant talk about
it later) My sister needs anyone support emotionally…


Hello! Have you asked your sister to join TuD? that would be one way for her to get support. In my personal experience, you have to except Diabetes before you can get over the hump. Suggest TuD and you can also check out the behavioral diabetes institute. I have never had to use them but a few people in the community has and always recommends them to other members. I will keep your family in my prayers.



thanks to your advice, dont worry I will tell her about it, but the problem she doesn’t have
a personal computer at home and she doesn’t know how to use a computer, shes living
in a county far away from me, I am leaving in manila and she lives in Cagayan de Oro Ctiy in
Mindanao, email is the only way I cant talk to her tru her daughter who works in a call
center. But I will try my very best to tell about the Tud.
Thanks and god bless.

Thanks Debb,

your situation is almost the same with her, but the fact shes living in a county far away from
me, and she doesn’t know how to use computers she only knows how to read emails
tru her daughters account, maybe we can do something about it, I already tell her
daughter but too busy she don’t bother to do something for this Tud community.
But I will try… thanks and god bless.

oh, I see. Did you sign up for the newsletter? If you didn’t you can and maybe print it out and mail it to your sister. She can be connected to the Community by reading about it and seeing the different stories and information. Click here and it will take you to all of the newsletters…hope this helps.