Regenerative Cellular Therapy for Type-1 Diabetes


I've been looking into the treatments offered by this facility: for Type-1 diabetes.

I've studied quite a few different alternative therapies for Type-1 diabetes, and this one is a bit opaque for me. The chemistry and action of peptide treatments is a bit more complex than I'm used to in a scientific sense.

Has anyone had experience with this treatment protocol or know of the success rate of this type of therapy?

Here is a description of the process for Type-1 Diabetes:

Here is a very neat video of a Type-1 diabetes reversal in a 7 year old patient based on this therapy:

I'm really looking for anyone who has experience with this therapy. Being based in Mexico, not being FDA approved, etc, I understand some of the risks involved, so no need for general cautions along those lines.

I am a Type-1 diabetic of 16 years, I use an insulin pump and CGM system and I have had excellent HbA1C control.

Any experiences you have had with this treatment or any of it cousins that you can share is greatly appreciated!


Looks interesting, I was hoping there'd be some replies from members on this. I guess I'm just bumping this topic back to the top of the forum to see if anyone has anything to say.

Looked at the link you provided. sounds like a bunch of double talk to me to confuse. Sounds like snake oil to me. They are talking about modifying DNA with proteins and peptides not gene insertion. Think they only thing they will do is drain your bank account.

This does look like a scam to me. There is no real explanation of what this is and they claim to treat multiple diseases. I would fill out an application and see how much they want to charge for this.

I agree. 99.9% chance its a scam... I did email to ask for a price quote on several of their treatments, just to feed my curiosity. Interestingly though, the Doctor who runs this program appears to have a pretty spectacular resume.

First of all, peptides are just very short proteins, so that already sets my teeth on edge.

Second, assuming the proteins they're inserting into the cells can ONLY bind to a certain part of the DNA to modify it and make it make insulin, that doesn't stop the immune attack. They basically say they'll make beta cells make insulin without stopping the thing that caused the T1 in the first place.

The result? Continuing T1. But I'm curious about how much they're charging. Snake oil cures must be pretty lucrative.

If it sounds to good to be true, it usually is. I’m pretty sure if I could have taken a family vacation at a luxury resort in Mexico, gotten a few shots, and came back without diabetes and my son without autism, I’d have done it a long time ago no matter what it cost

Hi Guitar Nut and Matthew,

Thanks for looking over the info. Yes - the chemistry of the peptide regeneration is above my head as well. I'm staying open to the possibility that there may be something to this process, and of course I will continue to do a lot more research before undergoing the process.

Here is another video that describes the peptide regeneration mechanisms at a cellular level:

This video is VERY opaque and seems to go over the general way that peptides influence cells. This is much more complex than other processes to treat disease that I've studied. Gene insertion via viruses seems pretty simple compared to this!

For the other people who have given their warnings about snake oil, etc. Thanks so much for the concern and yes, there is always the risk of being taken advantage of. I'm aware of the risks, but I am not ruling this process out just yet. It's a pretty standard practice to protect intellectual property around medical discoveries that are new and this company isn't operating in the US, so has even fewer protections.

My interactions with the company so far have been one sided. I can't get their people to return my calls, but have a call in with one of their researchers. If they are gunning for my cash, they aren't doing a very good job of it :)

I'll keep you updated on what I learn.


Seems to me that immune system repression coupled with regrowth of cells is needed.

Do keep us posted I am interested to hear all about it if you go for it

I took a look at the video. 90% of it was something we watched in my Biology 2 lecture--as in, that's the video taken from the company that made my textbook. It talks about how the inside of a cell works, not how peptides influence cells.

The rest of it? Honestly, it doesn't say a thing about RCT--not one single word. It talks about how inflammation happens and basics of why RCT is important. Most of the stuff in the video wasn't even relevant to RCT--it just made them sound smart.

Gene insertion via viruses is about 1,000 times more complicated than what they talked about in this video--all of it (except the part about white blood cells) was on the AP I took in Biology in the 11th grade.

This is the last time I'm going to say it: this really sounds fishy. It doesn't sound like they have any real scientific background. If they give you any literature when they contact you I'll be happy to look it over; snake oil cures rely on people with no major scientific background. They think that because they sound smart that people will go to them, and they're right! That's exactly what I'm seeing here.

I'm sorry. I know this sounds promising, and maybe it will be if medicine can figure out how to stop the immune attack on the beta cells, but it isn't ready now.

Hi Sam,

Absolutely. I'll keep this thread updated as I learn more about the company and the treatment.

Guitarnut - thanks for the input. I really appreciate it. Hilarious about the video - I though it was a bit random :) I will see if they have any more literature on the process.

The most promising part of this company for me is the testimonials at this point. I'm very interested to see more of the science and learn more of their track record.

Thanks everyone!


have a friend who took her mom to Mexico for cancer. Did not work.
And cost $$$$$$.
Very skeptical. If this really worked, why do type 1 md's (such as Irl Hirsch at the University of WA) not get their diabetes cured?

I watched the video with the mom and 7 year old.
Was the kid just honeymooning?
How long did the "cure" last?

This was my impression also. Basic cellular function illustrated. Nothing specific about the promised treatment at all.

Hi Paul, I have been looking into this therapy as well, not sure what to do, I have two sons with diabetes and would do anything to find the cure. It is very expensive but so is the upkeep of diabetes. My husband was just laid off for a year and it was a nightmare trying to get enough supplies without insurance. I would love to share notes.
Thanks, Jenifer

this therapy has back up in medical literature of several sources. but BCG pathway is far-superior long-term according my knowledge. this therapy has potential to induce fast result short-term… but regular maintenance likely to occur.

in short summary, its really complex to explain in one sentence… but the peptides are really crucial to immune response.,they are not the only group to have noticed this link between the peptides and immune response…