obviously took too much insulin, now I’m going low! 2.9mmol & dropping. Damn, damn, damn

hi all,

I am battling with extremely high BG (over 35 mmol) levels and I only have myself to blame. If I hadn’t fallen off the bus on Monday & yesterday I probably wouln’t be in this position right now. Talk about having regrets… And I’m not even on my deathbed yet. I feel all kinda fuzzy, cant concentrate and if I put my head on my desk I KNOW I will fall asleep in seconds.

I’m testing & injecting every hour to get it down, but it’s a challenge from hell.
stay well

Yes, finding how to correct such levels is a BIG problem. Unfortunately when you try to be conservative and just take a small dose of insulin to correct, then add more with another shot later they may combine and drive you low before the first shot finishes it’s activity.

Also note that several other factors come into play with such bouncing bg levels. Best thing I can say is to take it slowly and work your levels down over several days or week(s) 1 step at a time. Among other things your body needs to fell comfortable with a new lower level which takes 3 or more days each time. You may need to stretch it out longer for it to be most effective. This will give you improving levels, but trying to force it down in a few hours is highly perilous, as I’m sure you understand by now.

Been fighting this condition for 53 years, guess I’ve learned a few things myself.

Also, you can’t overlap your insulin like that. That’s probably why you are having lows and might still have them long after you quit dosing every hour. I think the rule is to wait 2-3 hours especially if you are taking a long acting. We wait somewhere between the two, but I have also learned to not correct more than twice once the kids are past noon time or it results in a late night low. Obviously, I don’t know your regimine but I would put a phone call in to your doctor or nurse line to make sure you are doing this correctly.

How did your weekend go, Debi? Did you keep roller coaster-ing or did you find some center ground by then? I rode the high/low cycle all weekend, personally - Halloween here in the States and too much candy within reach.