Regular vs Novolog testing

I am now using u-500 Regular instead of Novolog. I read where the novolog peaks in like 1- 2 hours but the regular peaks in 2-3 hours. So should I still be testing my post meal in 2 hours or not? My bg is usually higher at the 2 hour test.

We are all different, so you may have to test the same meal two different times to see where the peak occurs.

Were you told to ait 45 minutes to 1 hour after injecting before eating? That was what I did with U-100ar R. Then I would peak at 1 hour after eating and 2 after injecting, but the insulin would be active for another 2 hours, though not anywhere near as strongly. .

BTW, I have heard extremely good things about U-500 Regular from a friend who was switched to it from huge doses of Novolog. She found that she ended up needing a lot less than 5 times the dose she had been taking before and ended up with normal numbers after months of nightmare highs.

Thanks for the reply Jenny;
I usually eat about 15 minutes after bolusing. I am a new pumper…only since december, so I am still trying to get my numbers down to normal. It seems like my body is fighting with the insulin instead of cooerating.

Well, R insulin can be much slower to become active, so when you start using it to cover meals, you may need to wait a bit longer or you will get unnecessary highs early on.

Here is a graph that shows the activity curve of R and Humalog. Novolog has a curve very similar to Humalog.

If you see a high reading at 1 hour after eating, wait a bit longer next time until you get a match. One good thing for me about R insulin was that because I had to wait a bit, it was not easy to impulse eat, so I ended up losing some unneeded weight for the year I was using it, which is the only time I have lost weight while using insulin.

Dear Jenny.

Should one bother to try some form of R insulin to see what happends. With a low carb diet maybe longer lasting is better? Although it is starting to look like NPH which I did not like. I could see that R needs an injection 40 minutes before eating could dent the concept of improvised snack.

The dosage in the graph is 15.4 which is a fairly high one. If you inject less does it affect the time curve a lot or does it just decrease the amplitude of the graph.