So, if I uninstall Dexcom and reinstall it, I should be OK now that the servers are back up?

I think I need to uninstall everything in order to get rid of Follow, which they say causes trouble for the installation.

I still dont have data reaching Loop. Think I should give it a couple more days before reinstalling?

I read something from Dexcom during this debacle that said not to un-install and re-install their software while they are having problems as it could just make matters worse. Last I heard Dexcom was back up but still hobbling and not reliably stable yet. I would suggest giving tech support (Not customer service) at Dexcom a call before proceeding with a re-install.


@mohe0001, can you post a screenshot of your main Loop screen?

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I could. Its just the loop screen with no CGM data in it. I just realized that I am signed out of Dexcom. I tried to reset my password, but I don’t get reset emails from Dexcom. Thats odd.

Loop is displaying a grey circle that says data was last received one day ago. I did get 3 hours of data after making the changes you guys posted.

I think a screenshot could help. Have you compared the transmitter id in Loop with the transmitter id in the Dexcom app? Do they match?

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Yea, the transmitter correct. It was working for a bit. I’ll post. But, I suspect that I’m out until I can log Dexcom credentials into Loop settings. @BradP said this took him a while to do. I must have changed my password. Maybe its stored in the password settings on my Mac.

Apple Health Kit shows that it last received data from dexcom at 3:30 today. It is now 6:40.

Tidepool is also lagging on data upload since 3pm. Tidepool must pull the data from Apple Health, not from Dexcom. Let me try entering a manual fingerstick into Apple health. See what that does.

It logs the manual BG, but doesn’t backfill Dexcom data. Its lagging. TP usually uploads new data upon logging in. Something is unusual. TP is 4 hours behind. Dexcom may not be pushing notifications to cooperative apps. Loop isn’t reading CGM data from Apple HealthKit, but it did receive the manual BG I just entered. Maybe Loop was receiving data 4 hours ago (the screen doesn’t allow me to see back that far in time), but nobody’s getting CGM data now.

I wonder if this is an old transmitter problem. Maybe its time to change to a new one.

The Dexcom Share setting should read: Tap to set.

Ahhh, yes. Sorry. I was just monkeying around with that. Ill change back. I was monkey-ing around with those settings while we were talking.

OK, I re-deleted the credentials (they were incorrect anyway), now at back to where I was at start of business.

No data read in Loop from CGM, no readings in HealthKit, none in TP, yet. but I’ll let it keep on rolling and see if it gets anything overnight. 30 min loop failure so far.

Dexcom said don’t uninstall the app?

I’ll give them another couple of days.

Yes, they wrote, don’t uninstall and re-install until their servers are stable.
This is actual text:
“The company is warning users not to delete Dexcom Follow or the Dexcom G5 or G6 continuous glucose monitoring apps since doing so might cause the applications to malfunction. That specific update wasn’t posted onto Dexcom’s Facebook page until 2:10 p.m. Pacific time on Sunday, more than 24 after the problem reportedly occurred. The firm is headquartered in San Diego, California.”

Many similar postings from various news sources. I no longer have FB original posting as I don’t use FB so just the posting was sent to me.

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You don’t need facebook to see the post.

I know it effected Clarity getting information, but now it seems to be working.
I am still getting the do not delete the ap and try to redownload message though.

I have a question, On the transmitters it lets you start a new sensor on day 89 right? Does anyone know the latest day it lets you start a sensor? I can’t remember and this transmitter is winding down.

I would like to restart this sensor before I have to switch out or reset my transmitter. I used Spike before but hated the download process and was thinking about trying xdrip this time. But I have to delete the Dexcom ap and am worried about doing that because of the issues right now in case I want to reload it.

So I would like to restart this sensor and hope the issues fixed by next sensor restart.

Thanks you guys, that’s really helpful information.

Marie20, Your right on the line. Thats bad timing. Restart sensor ASAP. If you dont have Follow installed then your in better shape.

Things are gonna be a bit of a gamble. I suggest not complicating your software at this time until this fundamental piece is fixed.

Fingers crossed for you. We can all survive with manual sugar readings. But, boy do we all get mad!

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I woke up with data in Loop!!!


I saw 104 days mentioned here but don’t know if that is official.

I started a new sensor (11th 10-day sensor) last week with 100 days on that transmitter so I’m coming up on 110 days on the same transmitter.

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So glad to hear it. Everything seems to be up and running again for me. This is crazy stupid! What company doesn’t have redundancy? At the very least they should have let us fail over to the European farm like Canada uses. Jeesh!

I doubt the European “farm” could handle the traffic of the American one? The European and the Canadian markets are much smaller. The government plans in the UK and a lot of Europe (all maybe?) don’t cover Dexcoms , they are self funded for the most part, so a lot smaller usage. And Canada coverage is more recent so probably limited.
Dexcom seems to be a company with some major growing pains.

@Marie20 - the only plans that cover CGM’s in Canada are the private ones (at least in the province I live in).

Unless you’ve got the luxury of such a plan, if you want a Dexcom system you’ll be paying for it yourself.

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