I am in mid-20s now. I think its the time to get serious about life and relationships. I see a tough time to find some one who is type1 or would accept type 1 D. Anyone, throw some light and suggest. Discuss your experiences if u have gone through this phase.

I woulld never even think twice about someone if they thought my diabetes was a problem, I’d just think sure aren’t ya lucky get me. Only kidding, but seriously though don’t let D come in the way of finding someone, could you bear to be with someone who found it a problem, imagine if they had something serious to deal with, called life in general. If you are worried about starting a family there are many diabetics here who can vouch for the fact that we can have healthy children with good control. Don’t let D tell you what to do in life, it’s your life.

I am unable to decide whether to choose D as a partner as its gonna be excellent feeling everyday to understand or non D, who could also be a better supportive person. My life for last 12 yrs with D has been great with excellent support and comfort given by near ones but still I find no one too close with whom I can share my D related feelings except these forums or online D friends. But your right, this is no big of an issue as compared to other issues which are happening with people every day. Thanks for the reply, btw.

I don’t think you should go out and find another D and assume life will be easier with them because they understand what your going through. What happens if they don’t control theirs and rely on you? Are you going to be able to cope with that? It doesn’t mean there going to even want to discuss it with you - everyone is different.
I think you should wait for that person that understands who you are not what you have, and is able to take the big D seriously and understand how it affects you and can in some way cope with the ups and downs, listen to you when life gets that little bit too hard and when all thats said and done just see you for you. Whether they have the big D, cancer, completely healthy or have 10 fingers on 1 hand - that sort of person is worth waiting for.

I hope you find someone =)

Would be nice to have a partner who truly understands what it’s like. Hard enough to find someone to love to live with for your entire life without making a D a possible requirement:)

My husband doesn’t have diabetes & he’s the most supportive person. Can’t imagine what it would be like with us both having lows at the same time! We also couldn’t afford meds & supplies for two people.

I was diagnosed with diabetes before I met my husband. I am amazed at how natural it all was. He knew about my diabetes from our first date (and felt honored that I shared this personal info with him right away). He is my number 1 supporter and knows almost as much about D as I do. I love hearing him explain diabetes to others. My husband doesn’t know what a low feels like, but he has seen me with a low that he know how it affects me. He doesn’t know how frustrating it is to micromanage my life and eating, but he waits 15-20 minutes to eat dinner because I bolus early and wait. He doesn’t have diabetes, but he does live with diabetes. He does it with grace and love.

So having someone understand doesn’t necessarily have to do with him or her having diabetes. It has to do with their personality and the fact that they love someone with diabetes.

I actually think that diabetes serves as a good test for your partner’s character early on in the relationship. If they can’t deal well with diabetes, then they probably won’t deal well in other situations. So I think being open about your diabetes can help you find someone who will love you FOR YOU and support you in your daily life with diabetes.

All the best :slight_smile:

Danny, great blog. I observe D partners seems to be more supportive.