Release notes for software updates tslim

Does anyone know where I can find out what features are added in each version of the software updates?

Basal IQ software update was released this week in Australia, tandem indicated there were other updates in the software that was not related to basal IQ such as screen menu improvements. However, I can’t find any information on what is included.

I don’t think that you will gain access to that information, but its a super interesting question and I would be really interested in the answer if anybody knows anything.

There’s a rule that they are supposed to start composing a list of included software versioning included in medical devices in the US, but this likely doesn’t include any specifics. Proprietary software products won’t release much infor. That information is hard to come by.

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That’s really strange. Usually for software updates you should be releasing revision notes with it. It allows people to understand what’s in it so they can decide to update or not. And also new features may require the user to understand how to use it. I would have thought this was mandatory with each software release.

Plus the following NEW features*:

  • NEW integration with Dexcom G6
  • NEW menu structure
  • NEW max basal limit feature
  • NEW security PIN

I’d take that and go to the user guide to see the details.

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I’ve had this question myself. You’ll find a little luck with liberal use of quote marks around the software version number in a Google search, but they definitely don’t make it easy to find. It’s easier to just call customer support and ask. There’s seldom any wait for software issues, though I haven’t tried that line since they released the t:connect app, so might be more difficult to get through now.


@Jim26 where did you find this?

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