Ok when the pod works i feel great .I sometimes have problems activating the pods Or when filling the pod they would pop and fill like they are seperating or insulin flow stops .Omnipod did replace all that was bad In aprox 2 years about 75 did not work…There shipping is what is bad if you are in one spot all the time it’s great .I’d move with work and call with new address .And goes to old address .Now the pod is electronic all electronics have problems.All in all i do like the pod

wiley, I am sure you already know this but just as a chance, are you making sure that the insulin that you are using to fill your pod is at room temperature? If the insulin is right from the refrigerator then you can have a lot of problems with activating the pod and you should always have the syringe completely straight up and down, not at any angle when filling the pod.

Peter ,I do use insulin at room temp.I do try to put Syringe srait Up .Whan i have the problems they are always from the same lot # .Like it will be the hole box .It’s taking work They work good in all .Well they are electric Not perfect What electronic is

Gees, it’s really terrible about the bad pods. Do you think that the whole batch (lot) is bad? What did Insulet say? I would be real upset if I had a whole box of bad pods. I sometimes get really paranoid about these pod are now made in China! I do not have much respect for anything made in China now days however it seems everything that we use or consume is made in China. I mean how much more could all this stuff costs if made right here in the good old U S of A? However I think it’s more about profit then what we are willing to pay for a product! Sorry didn’t mean to get to preachy here about China what I say what’s on a lot of peoples mine.
I really hope that you do not get another box of bad pods. I guess all I can say is bear with it. I know I would not give up my OmniPod even with the failures. I would rather be inconvenienced then have a hose connected to my body! :slight_smile:

Made in china i did’nt know that .Well i did not actually look .I guess the high price we pay after insurance is for gas ? well i do like the pod and dont think i would like connecting tubes .
I just wish there was other choices on these .
I move with work here 3 mths there 4 mths .I can call and give diffrent address to customer service And wow to the old address .Not just once or twice .Maby 4 to 5 times The person assures me that the address will be used .Times I think im talking to a wall.

I do not believe any of the pods are manufactured in China. I think they are all made at the Insulet plant in Bedford Massachusetts. Insulet outsourced some of the sub-assemblies (probably the electronics) to a contract manufacturer called Flextronics International. They also just went through a process to step up the production rate by automating some of the work (which used to be done by hand) to almost double the amount of pods they can produce. The bad pods may be due to these assembly process changes but who knows. Most of this information I got from Insulet’s filings with the SEC since they are a public company.

I just received my OmniPod Starter kit and hope to up and pumping later next week so I was curious about the failures mentioned on these forums.

I started on the Pod on April 8. Out of all of the Pods I’ve used in a month two have failed. They both failed during priming. They were also the same lot number. I’ve had no activation or popping problems. They just stopped clicking during the priming process. I had a replacement pod within 48 hours of each reported failure. I’m curious to see if the next box has the same pattern. So far I love my Pod and feel like I have hope of controlling this disease for the first time in many years. My violent swings in my bg levels have ceased! I’m truly impressed with this device.

I like the pod also I also received my pods soon after i called to let them know .Also ya know if the world was perfect it would be boring

My pods say Made in China on them

When a pod fails to start some times I use the needle to remove the insulin .most times works .On the popping ones I could not remove