Reliamed Barrier Wipe w/ Dexcom?

Good Afternoon all, any minute now my first dexcom will be arriving from FEDEX. First question of what will probably amount to many. I have the reliamed protective barrier wipes that I use for my pump infusion sites. Can I use this same product to wipe down the area where I will be inserting the sensor? I’ve read that some wipes should not be wiped in the actual area of skin that will be punctured by the sensor/needle but I’m not sure which products specifically. Hopefully I can use this barrier wipe prior to inserting sensor, otherwise I’m going to have to order Smith-Nephew Skin Prep from American Diabetes Wholesale.

Thanks so much, Ken

I just use an alcohol wipe.

I had one bad sensor after using a Reliamed barrier wipe–not sure that caused the sensor problem (I called Dex and they sent me a new sensor for free), but the Dex instructions say use alcohol and let it dry–not barrier wipes.

Have fun with the Dexcom–having all the trend info is amazing after just fingersticks!

I am a fan of the try and see camp. No sense in an extra expense if what you already have will work as well. With Minimed CGMS any barrier wipe of any kind adversely affected the sensor. With Dex the instructions say to not use any skin prep products however my rep said they’re ok and even gave me samples.

I have personally used Skin Tac, IV prep, and Skin prep with the Dexcom and as long as I let it dry completely I have noticed no difference in sensor function or accuracy. If I don’t let it dry enough then it tends to come loose but while it’s attached it seems to work the same. For me the Skin Prep seems to work the best in terms of getting it to actually stick the longest though.

I’ve been using both an alcohol wipe first, letting it dry then using the skin prep wipes. I have been routinely getting 12 to 19 days out of each sensor. YMMV. The Skin Prep wipes do not cause any issues (as far as I can tell) with the Dex. Just make sure to let dry completely before attaching the Dex. I have not tried the Reliamed product. But, I would suggest trying it out. At worst, you waste one sensor. Good luck and welcome to the wonderful world of Dex.