Remember this General? by JB

I SHALL RETURN! (Famous quote by a General) …JB here.
I certainly will be back. Have to overcome some difficulties, like a heart attack 10 days go.
Going for biopsy at end of the month following doctors opinion next week. Will be glad to return to normal times! So, don’t right me off as yet!


That sounds rough! Stay strong!

We know you will return. Best wishes for all of your doctors visits. We are pulling for you!

I will be saying a prayer for you. Will be looking forward to your next post here :slight_smile:

I am looking forward to you to return to normal times. I hope you are feeling better soon so you can get back here.

Best wishes JB!!! We know you’ll be back here with us! {{{HUGS}}}

A heart attack?? Oh Noooo… I surely hope that you will recover as Good as new. Things must be Very stressful for you and Johanna since the accident. So sorry to hear that JB. We look forward to your eventful Return. Healing thoughts and prayers for you both.

My best thoughts surround you & your lovely Johanna. You’ve been through too much lately.

Holding you to the promise of a return & soon.

You’re not getting away from us THAT easily! You and Johanna have some more reports to give us!
We’re cheering for you just like we did the famous general. Only people like us know who he was.
So hang in there. Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.