Remembering and Acceptance (for now)

This whole weekend was not a total waste. Although I was dealing with strong depressive moods as well as other issues, I did get a chance to just rest from resting. many may say “what?”, but i can not really have true sleep or rest. Today was different. I did sleep and this time I woke up feeling better than I did this entire weekend. I am giving credit to this web site–these blogs and those that are willing to read about other’s situations inspite of what they are going through. The sky was beautiful this weekend and I was in pain and depressed, but today it was gray and cold and I was coping better. I am a nature person and enjoy every aspect of it. No season is my favorite for I am in awe of them all. So I can say that I remember what things used to be like but now I am in acceptance of what it is today–pain, depression, and the whole kit and kaboodle. Life is what it is and It takes me to make it worthwhile. I must also understand that this won’t be the last time that I face this dismal mode of life. It is how I fight to come out of it-and I am a fighter.