Remembering to change infusion set

Does anyone else have trouble remembering when they changed their infusion set? It seems like I’m always trying to remember when 3 days are up. Anybody have a system to keep track of this?

We are on OmniPod and the PDM always tells us. If I didn’t have that, I would probably just mark my family calendar.

I make a note in the log book of when to change the set.

We were taught by our pump educator to calculate how much insulin to put in the cartirdge that would last for 3 days so when the cartridge is empty it is time to change everything. You have to take into consideration priming, filling canula, basal and bolus. The form came from Joslin cannot find mine now, sorry. If you have a pump look at total insulin for last three days and go from there.

I have 2 kids (ages 5 and 2) on pumps, so I’m right there with you on not remembering on my own. We use the method that Nancy Ann mentioned - only put enough in the pump for three to three and a half days. That way, I’m sure to change it in the right amount of time. I’d love to say that I’m organized enough to mark the calendar, but not yet anyway!

I have an iPod and purchased the program Toodledo (stupid name. I can never remember it.) It reminds me every 3 days. Of course, I also use it for all my other to-dos. As a to-do list in general, I really like that I can program it to remind me of things that won’t happen for a year or more. For example, you’re supposed to register with the national Do Not Call list every 5 years. When I registered, I entered a reminder in Toodledo. How in the heck else would you remember something like that?

You can also just use it on your computer, without a hand-held device, but I hardly ever do.

I make a note in the log book, but I also keep a small dry erase board on the inside door of my pantry. I list the last site and sensor changes as well as any perscriptions that I am low on. I am in my pantry every day, so I see it often.

yes, i am often thinking ‘what day did i change his set? what day is the next one? what day is it today?’ sometimes I look at the pump to see when the resevoir was started just to be sure. when he first started pumping we were told to change the set every 2 days because children will usually have higher numbers on the third day. once i forgot and he was fine that 3rd day and we have been changing every 3 days since…
(and i haven’t forgotten

I was having the problem of remembering too. So I finally did this, I change it out Wednesday night (while we all watch Modern Family) and then again on Sunday morning. So it’s about 3 1/2 days per site change. Works great for us and I never seem to forget anymore.

We keep a written logbook open on the kitchen counter. Put a red, circled checkmark under the time and date of site change. But her pump, Minimed Revel has the reservoir change date listed if you just press the ESCAPE BUTTON, as well as other useful info. Could not do without the logbook, though; I’d be lost without it. Would like to find an electronic version.