Remind me again: will the old pods work with the new PDM?

I’m going to be about 4 days short between when my last {new} pod is done and my next shipment arrives, so will it be possible to use my old pods {which i still have several of} with my new PDM? Or do I need to crank out the old PDM?

{yes, the new pods have already shipped, they just seem to be on the slowest path to get to me–i thought they had a warehouse in TN that they shipped from, maybe that was dexcom??}

OR is my entire plan a bunch of malarky and i need to call and beg my endo for two pods?

"Will my old Pods work with the new PDM? Will my old PDM work with the new Pods?

No, your old Pods will not work with the new PDM. And your old PDM will not work with the new Pods. The new Pods and the new PDM were designed to only communicate with each other."


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I am sorry to not be so bright but what is the difference between old and new? Is it the amount of insulin the old?

Also i love your user name! S5 wasn’t my favorite but I liked the flashbacks. :wink:

In 2013, Insulet introduced a new PDM/Pod system. The biggest difference being the size of the Pod - the new Pod is much smaller, however holds the same amount of insulin as the old Pod.

U500 and U200 insulins are expected to be approved for use in the OmniPod system soon, so if there is a need for more insulin per Pod, this may be an appealing alternative.

While it was “off label” I did use U-500 insulin in the Omnipod. The problem is that at the time, at least. Humulin was the only U-500 insulin in the game. It was incredibly inconvenient. Where Novolog prescribing information says to bolus 5-10 minutes before a meal (and may actually take longer to reach peak action) the Humulin prescribing information suggests at least 30 minutes before a meal. I found, for me, that just really wasn’t workable whenever I was eating away from home. It was the #1 reason for me deciding that the Omnipod wasn’t going to work for me, above even the problems I was having keeping the pods physically attached to myself.

Totally understandable. I didn’t consider that not all insulins are created equal. Great point.

If Novolog were to come out with their own U-500 insulin, I’d possibly be inclined to give it another go. I’ve been wearing a Dexcom for awhile and been able to keep it on for more than 7 days due to the things I’ve learned here, like the existence of GrifGrips and other products. Granted, the Dexcom is smaller and I don’t catch it on doorways like I did the Omnipod, but I think I could master that.

We find the Pods easier to keep on simply because they can only stay on for three days. Dexcom gets a little tricky after 14 or so with all the reinforced tape and such. :wink: