REMIT study (aggressive combination of diet, exercise & medications)

I’ve been doing a lot of reading, thinking and researching since my initial post last week. One study that recently popped up on the news was being done in Ontario and has recently expanded to a larger study across several provinces in Canada, unfortunately not in Saskatchewan. The study involves the use of a strict diet & exercise regime plus the use of 2 oral medications (metformin and acarbose) along with an injection of insulin before bed (to give the pancreas a rest) over a 3 month period followed by ending all medications. The article that I read indicated that 40% of participants were successful in having their type 2 diabetes go into remission… length of time of remission to be determined. Has anyone heard of this type of treatment? Funny right… last week I wanted to avoid any medication, now I’m asking about a 3 pronged approach.

Thanks for any insights