Remote question

looking to get this pump. How does the remote works, any connection issues with the pump. Is the pump big in size ?

The remote is really nothing more than the AccuChek Aviva meter with added functionality of Bluetooth and expanded functionality in a couple of other areas. The meter connects to the pump via Bluetooth and in normal operation you really don't need to ever touch the pump. I have been using the Combo for 9 months now and about a week ago was the first time I had ever executed a bolus from the pump itself (actually took me a couple of minutes to figure it out as I hadn't reviewed it since my only session with the trainer).

In my mind the pump is pretty tiny (much smaller than I expected when I received it). I go so far as wearing my pump in a pocket sewn into my t-shirt underneath my dress shirt for work. You would never know I am wearing it day-to-day. The only time the meter won't control the pump is when you have a low battery alarm on the meter (shuts off the Bluetooth capability). I haven't experienced any connection issues at all.