Renewed Energy since starting Insulin.... Anyone else experience this?

Hi everyone,
So I’ve been on insulin for about 1 month now, Levemir, 21 U at bedtime and 12 U about 1:30PM. The BG is doing pretty good and I’m feeling absolutely great.

2 years ago when diagnosed I was sick, sick sick once they put me on metformin and my BG numbers came down to the 6.5 range I plodded along daily life was routine. With one horrible thing for me I just attributed to being diabetic was my lack of energy. Prior to diabetes I was a go go person. Especially if I got onto a certain task, yard work, painting, cleaning the house from top to bottom. I would go all day 14 hrs + until the job was done, nothing would slow me down. Then diabetes happened and I would get the project started but within 2-3 hrs, I was spent. It was horrible for me to give up, never had to do that before in my life. It was mentally hard for me to start a project and then take days to get it done or even weeks. I really felt like a failure. ( yes I know I wasn’t a failure but really felt 1/2 of what I once was )
But over the past 2 years I just came to realize that was how it was going to be with diabetes, the old me was gone.
So has anyone else experienced this? The old me is back ! I have just spent the last 2 days painting the house, I went strong from 9AM to 1:30AM on one day, and back at it the next day for another 10hrs.
The whole time I would constantly say to myself, slow down your going to crash, but I didn’t. BTW the house looks amazing. The other strange thing is pimples. LOL I’ve never been pimple prone but in the last few weeks I’ve been battling a few on my face.
So I’m really pretty convinced this is the basal dose working for me so I can WORK.
My hubby who worked yesterday while I was busy at home couldn’t believe his eyes when he got home, he said " wow I haven’t seen you like this in years ! "
So Im interested to hear other diabetic stories and hoping this energy is here to stay, but I could do without the pimples at the age of 42 !

Congratulations Crashette! Sure you don’t miss that metformin? lol