Rep in Texas?

Does any one have the contact info for a Dexcom rep in the Dallas area?

I have tried calling Brooke and Mike McAlis … I have been told Brooke is no longer with Dexcom and have not heard back from Mike…


I will give Chris a call tomorrow thanks!

I have talked to Chris and just wanted to let you know that she will only be with Dexcom through March 31st… Hopefully she will have a number to give me for the new rep…

The new clinical specialist for the Dallas area is :

Christina DiLoreto RD, LD, CDE

Actually, I have talked to Mike (San Antonio sales rep) several times over the past week…
He gave my info to Christina (who is in San Diego at the moment being trained) and I have been talking to her some this week.
I also have talked to Chris Faulke a bit this week, who will no longer be with Dexcom after Christina begins taking clients and is fully trained…

I started on the Dexcom yesterday :smiley:

Just thought I would post Christina’s info if anyone else was having troubles

I was contacted by the new sales rep. She was interested in coming to speak to my support group. The sales rep is:

Ann Bilderback
Territory Sales Manger
Seven Plus Continuous Glucose Monitoring System
940-395-9598 cell

Both she and Christina will be coming to speak at our July meeting. If your interested in coming to any of the meetings you are more than welcome. Our only requirement is that you be using insulin to control your diabetes. If you would like more info on our meetings you can find it on our website at

Our meetings right now are on the first Tuesday of the month.

Hey there friend!
Cool cool; hopefully when they come they will have more info about the I-Dex… who knows hopefully some of our members may be trialling it for that doc in irving…