Repeated "No Delivery"

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I’ve had type 1 Diabetes for 11 years and have been on a pump for 9. For the past 7 months or so, the amount of times I’ve gotten “no delivery” messages has seemed to increase by a noticeable amount. I use 90 degree quick set infusion sites and place them on my upper buttocks.

The no delivery messages seem to occur at random. Sometimes they’ll happen during a bolus, sometimes they’ll happen during normal basal delivery. Sometimes the error is almost instant, sometimes my pump will work fine for a bolus or two, and then stop working. Each time though, when the no delivery happens I can feel insulin that’s leaked around the cannula, meaning the insulin isn’t getting into my body.

I’ve done some research on the forum and found that quick sets can often “kink” leading to this problem, but my main question is why has this kinking become a problem so much in the past several months, and not in the past several years I’ve been on the pump? My lifestyle has stayed the same my whole life, where I mostly sit at the computer on any given day, and my weight has stayed the same too, I’ve been moderately skinny my whole life and haven’t noticed any standout weight gain or loss that would otherwise change my fat content.

I’ve also monitored my site areas on my upper buttocks and can’t see any signs of infections or scar tissue. I change my site every 3 days and switch from cheek to cheek with varying locations on each side, so repeated site locations shouldn’t be the issue either.

Does anyone know what might be happening? Should I try a new location, or a new type of site? I doubt I can afford a new pump at this time, but from what I’ve read from other people’s stories getting a new pump doesn’t seem to solve the problem.

I used quick-sets most of my 25 years on medtronic, and disappointed Tandem doesn’t have anything similar with inserter device separate. So I now have to use sets similar to Mio.

However, when using minimed, I did get new inserter device every 5 years or so, as the spring does weaken over time. How old is your inserter ?

Another reason may be how you reach back and insert. Are you possibly holding not flat on backside? Do they work ok still on stomach? What length is cannula?

When you remove, do you confirm bent cannula ? Or just notice wetness??

Call Medtronic, they may send you new inserter to try.

A no delivery is also symptom of pump gear not working, and may need pump replacement.

I’ve been using the same inserter for several years now, I never thought that that could be the issue. To tell you the truth, I like to keep my hands busy a lot, and sometimes I’ll fidget with my inserter because I leave it on my desk! Oops! I’ll try using my other inserter for sites in the future.

I always hold the inserter flat to my body, and have only tried inserting sites on my upper buttocks. I’m unsure about the fat content in my stomach to try a site there. My cannula length is 6mm.

Thanks for the suggestion to inspect the cannula’s for kinking. I looked over a few and didn’t notice any bending or pinching. I notice the wetness when the site is still inserted and the no delivery message occurs.

Here are tips from medtonic website.

Another possibility is if clothing is rubbing on the infusion set, such that the cannula wiggles a bit, and allows the wettness you describe.
Maybe happens more often in hip location. You could try additional tape to make more secure.

Two things might be wrong, based on my experiences. 1. I often get these when I have my site in a place that might be constricted, my hip is one of the places where i get them most. But I also get them if the battery is weak, my waist band is tight, or my tubing is in a bind. I also take it off immediately after the second time it gives that error.

  1. Be sure you pump is not on fast delivery. Fast delivery is notorious for these no delivery alarms.
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It can’t hurt to call the pump company. Each company has protocols for checking if there is an issue with the pump. Most delivery problems are infusion sets issues not pump issues. I never had problems with delivery problems but when I did, I called my pump rep, we meet at a local Starbucks & she brought all different kinds of different sites. Gave me a handful of different ones & found the one that has worked great for me.
I also had to switch to a smaller cannula as I was using a longer one which gave it more possibilities for kinking. And sorry to drill this one in, but site rotation is everything. If this is your go to spot, it just might be done. I make it a point to use just about every spot I can. Thighs, inner and outer, arms outer and under, hips, buttocks, upper & lower abdomen. Only place I haven’t tried in calf (tubing isn’t long enough) and breast( just can’t do it).